Wide Flood Lights Fixture Video

This is our Touchstone Wide Flood Fixture, another exclusive from Touchstone Accent Lighting. It is only available through our certified illuminologists or Touchstone Direct. What we use this for is wall washing, and broad coverage areas. You can get it in either a 3 watt LED, 5 watt LED that have 120 degree beam angle on it. Or you can go up to a 35 watt Xenon bulb, if you didn’t want to go with the LED. The front of the fixture is two screws, so the front end just simply comes off and then you drop LED into there.

This is going to be used again for broad coverage and wall washing, boulders, walls that you might have. If you had a short-bushier tree, you might use a fixture like this here.

You can get this in either the bronze or the desert sand finish. It is an aluminum fixture here. We also have our solid brass multi-flood fixture, which is a new one we are just coming out with. Like all Touchstone fixtures, these are only available throughout certified Illuminologists or Touchstone Accent Lighting direct.

Inconspicuous During the Day, Indirect and Incredible at Night.