Outdoor Living Lighting Products

Outdoor Living Lighting Summary

You can double the value of your yard with the right landscape lighting, adding exterior kitchen lights, grill lights, patio and deck lights, dock lights and pathway lights to expand your living space year-round.

When it comes to outdoor living lighting, here are some great lighting ideas for your landscape:

  • Deck lighting that includes brighter lights for outdoor kitchens and grills to softer light for entertainment and relaxing. Wall deck lighting is a subtle way of incorporating accent lighting close to tables and seating areas. Party lighting can highlight social spaces and offer more ambient lighting for outdoor events.
  • Outdoor low-voltage lighting, which provides a moderate level of illumination and offers a natural way to highlight landscaping, focus areas, walkways and fences, makes exterior lighting feel like an extension of your indoor lighting.
  • Security lighting, which will be brighter than many outdoor lighting options, to enhance safety. Our flood lights and motion sensors offer broad beam angles to create effective pools of light.
  • Ceiling lighting to create a natural lighting effect for decks and porches.
  • Ledge lighting to accent the perimeter of your deck with this versatile outdoor lighting effect. TouchStone offers a variety of lighting products and colors to provide downlight for fountains and statues and underneath stairs as well.
  • Post and pipe lighting fixtures for deck rails and handrails. The downlight effect offers safety and ambiance.
  • TouchStone’s Moon Series of indirect downlight to mimic the moonlight – with a low profile, they blend in and are perfect for LED deck stair lights, cabinets and benches.
  • LED lights offer energy efficiency, affordability, long lifespan AND they don’t attract bugs, which is a huge advantage no matter where you live.
  • String lighting for gazebos and trees, which require minimal electricity and create a fun, decorative lighting effect.
  • Pathway lighting to create safe and attractive walkways around your house or business, gardens and decks.

If you want to expand your outdoor living space and enhance your landscape lighting with outdoor lighting fixtures, TouchStone’s lighting design team can help you create the perfect plan.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting 101

No matter what the season or occasion, your outdoor landscape lighting can highlight your gardens, showcase your walkways and accent your steps with custom lighting that is both safe and subtle.

With a custom outdoor landscape lighting plan, you can combine form and function, enjoy safety and security, shine a light on your favorite outdoor features, and plan for the future with the right outdoor accent lighting for your home or business.

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