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Commercial Lighting Summary

When you are open for business after the sun sets, commercial landscape lighting and outdoor lighting solutions should be a priority for both safety and welcoming employees and visitors. The right commercial lighting products and lighting fixtures can ensure no one gets injured on your property while setting the stage for your successful business.

Commercial landscape lighting solutions can help you get rid of shadows, illuminate gardens and walkways, automate your outdoor lighting and make the switch to LED lighting, if you haven’t already. LED outdoor lighting fixtures are efficient and affordable, easy to maintain and easy to install – you can reduce energy consumption and maintenance with this simple switch. Outdoor LEDs are ideal for architectural lighting to accentuate any details, statues or special features, and LED fixtures are attractive and discreet.

Low voltage fixtures can create pools of light throughout your outdoor landscaping, including decks, water features, paths and more. Our lighting experts can create a plan for your commercial landscape lighting that incorporates a variety of lighting techniques and options, including task lighting, recessed lighting, uplights, downlights and motion sensors for added security lighting. Your business can benefit from outdoor lighting products that offer energy savings and a long life as well as lighting control.

Whether you are looking for extensive industrial lighting or something smaller for your home office, TouchStone Accent lighting systems offer efficient lights, high output and expert lighting design. The difference between outdoor and indoor lighting in a commercial space is significant, so it pays to accent your business with the best in commercial LED lighting.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial landscape lighting design incorporates all the ways that a business can shine, from offering the best in security to showcasing elements of natural beauty or custom design on your property. More business owners now recognize that the right commercial lighting can keep their company front and center, both day and night.

In a nutshell, the best commercial landscape lighting can help businesses save money, increase the visibility of their organizations and bolster security efforts.

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