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Fence & Sconce Series – FS235 Fence and Outdoor Structure Lighting

When truly discrete downward-focused lighting is desired along fences, poles, handrails, decks, or any other flat surface, the Fence and Sconce series from Touchstone Accent Lighting offers the option of an elegant fixture that blends almost seamlessly with the surface it’s mounted to. The aluminum housing comes in sleek black, pristine white, or sophisticated bronze, providing a finish to match any landscape design scheme. Whether you’re looking for discrete lighting for a walkway or along a fence or deck, these fixtures offer an affordable choice for either indoor or outdoor lighting.

The removable top and bottom covers make these fixtures as versatile as they are durable and attractive. The aluminum housing is designed to last for years of use, Each fixture features dual sockets for both up and down illumination. Our trained Illuminologists have the experience and knowledge that comes with thousands of installations, and we’ll work with you to create an overall landscape lighting package that suits your property, goals, and budget. These elegant additions to your lighting package offer safe, effective illumination where you need it most.

The new Post & Pipe series features downward orientation of light. This miniature-sized fixture vertically surface mounts to narrow beams, posts, and pipes. Each fixture features solid-cast brass housing and 2″ radius bracket with stainless steel screws and bulb bracket. Our 2.5 watt 2700k MR8 provide a warm white wash of indirect light.

Fence & Sconce Features

  • 12-volt AC/DC
  • Interchangeable 2.5 watt 2700k MR8
  • Aluminum with powder coat finish
  • Stainless-steel fasteners
  • Surface-mounts
  • 60″ fixture leads
  • Top and bottom lens
  • Includes color-matched top color
  • Dual GX 5.3 porcelain lamp sockets
  • Cast 4-6 feet diameter of light

ETL LogoDimensions: 5” Tall x 3” Wide x 2” Wide at back

Warranty: 10-year limited fixture, three year bulb warranty

Applications :Downward orientation of LED creates up to 6-foot diameter of light at 48” high. Excellent on fences, railings, and pergolas.

Additional information

Finish Color:

Black texture, White, Bronze texture

Single or Dual:

Single Bulb, Dual Bulb




Fence / Sconce Series Instructions

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