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Water Lighting Summary

We offer everything from water fountain lighting to underwater lighting for docks, you can incorporate accent lighting for safety and beautify all of your outdoor water features.

If you own a boat, dock lighting and marina lighting are a must. A pole system can be placed overhead to spotlight your dock for easy nighttime travel. Traditional outdoor spotlights, including solar lighting and hard-wired systems, can also protect your boat and your passengers. TouchStone Accent Lighting offers lighting systems and landscape lights to ensure safe and fun boating. Pool lighting can highlight the landscaping around your pool, the pool deck, pool covers and the pool itself. You can create dazzling effects with color-changing lights while increasing pool safety by adding lighting around your pool. Even better, LED light does not attract insects, unlike some outdoor lighting solutions, and can be ideal for pool parties and outdoor activities and LED lighting is also long life, low power and energy-efficient.

Light sources and light fixtures create maximum effect with ambient lighting. Finally, if you are looking to make an outdoor fountain or other water feature glow from the bottom, TouchStone Accent Lighting offers a snail fixture that works great for water lighting. LED lights emit 360 degrees of light, so the snail can be used in the water, underneath a rock, next to a bridge or any other water feature you want to highlight.

Ideas for Water Lighting in All Seasons

Whether you own a boat and want to add more water lighting around your marina or simply want to highlight the beauty of a garden fountain with additional landscape lighting, water lighting can safely and attractively light up your pool areas, boat, garden or deck to increase your hours of usage and enjoyment.

Water lighting in all seasons can create beauty, security and set the tone for a fun evening to come.

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