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Here at Touchstone, we’re experts when it comes to solar-powered dock lights. Our line of dock lights is proven to withstand decades of use in some of the fiercest weather around (Minnesota). The solar availability enables them to be hassle-free, energy efficient and an over all increase in safety and security while boarding and docking your boat.

Our S3 series mark the edges of the dock to make it easier to see when you approach from land to your boat, while the Alley Cat solar security light or the H2 Canopy light is a motion detected light and will turn on upon your arrival with a 16 foot detection. Having lights on your dock makes for safe departure and return! Having Solar lights on your dock, means having no wires, minimally invasive installation and an earth friendly option to light your dock areas!

With our location in the “Land of 10,000 lakes” we have mastered the art of creating Dock lighting that will withstand against time and weather. We guarantee our products and back the solar lights with a 3 year warranty. You can be sure that your solar lights will shine bright from the beginning of their light, to the end.

Ideas for Water Lighting in All Seasons

Whether you own a boat and want to add more water lighting around your marina or simply want to highlight the beauty of a garden fountain with additional landscape lighting, water lighting can safely and attractively light up your pool, boat, garden or deck to increase your hours of usage and enjoyment.

Water lighting in all seasons can create beauty, security and set the tone for a fun evening to come.

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