Flood Lighting Summary

The latest flood light options are versatile in style, size and design to brighten your landscaping without overwhelming it. If you are looking for security lighting, architectural lighting, yard art lighting or just an update to your outdoor lighting scheme, flood lighting fixtures offer high power and long life.

Flood lights from TouchStone Accent Lighting offer high quality, durable warranty backed options. Our fixtures are designed to take a halogen or LED bi pin bulb, each offering a beam angle ranging from 15 to 120 degrees. In general, LED flood lights offer value and energy efficiency and LED lighting solutions are a versatile way to enhance your landscape lighting while reducing energy consumption. However, some prefer the lighting from halogen, that is why we designed out fixtures to do both.

Directional lighting will offer a new dimension to your landscaping. 

Uplights, lighting that is focused upwards, can generate shadows and shapes behind a natural or architectural feature as well as pinpointed areas of outdoor light.  You can highlight specific features, add drama to your architecture and provide illumination for everything from a garden gate to a chimney to a gazebo.

Downlighting, or light focused downwards, creates the look of moonlight from above, with shadows and shapes on the ground. It can light up paths and walkways, create safer entryways, and welcome guests to your home or business. This outdoor lighting technique can also be used under handrails on stairs, as accent lighting on a fence or to enhance a water feature.

Floodlighting can be ideal for commercial lighting projects as well, illuminating front off HOA signs, buildings or company outdoor displays.  Adding lights outside of businesses enhance safety and aesthetics. Outdoor flood lights can be dimmable and customized with the latest in lighting design. Whatever you are looking for you can trust  the Illuminlogists at TouchStone Accent Lighting.

Everything You Need to Know About Flood Lights

When you think of flood lights, you likely think of intense lighting for an outdoor sports match or security flood lights that are designed to blind everyone within miles. While flood lights can be powerful and bright, many of today’s flood lights are more customized and adjustable to accommodate more uses and interests.

Landscape flood lights, in fact, can include styles such as small flood lights, tree flood lights and other options that are still effective but are also easier on the eyes. Many designs today will offer the style you want as well as the output you need.

Landscape Tree Lighting: The Best Options for Lighting Your Trees and Shrubs

Whether you have a few statement trees dotting your home or business landscaping or more of a wild forest in your backyard, landscape tree lighting can make the most of your trees and shrubs.

With targeted tree lighting, you can highlight natural beauty, enhance safety and make your landscaping shine. A lighting designer can help you add value and visual interest through a landscape tree lighting plan that takes advantage of techniques such as tree uplighting, floodlights, spotlights and accent lights.


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