Flood Light Accessories




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Flood light accessories

Sometimes you want to mount your flood light to a hard surface like a deck or railing instead of using a ground peg that is where this surface mounting bracket comes into play. This will spin on your fixture and allow you to attach it to the bracket giving your fixture a nice solid base. Designed specifically to work with the mini-floodsmall flood, and wide flood fixtures in mind, but the 1/2 NPT Tread will accept any fixture that uses a ground stake.

Surface Mount Bracket Features

  • Fits any 1/2” NPT fixture
  • 2” diameter
  • Stainless steel set screw
  • 3 screw mount holes


Elevate your fixtures in plant material with the Riser and collar (included) combination available in multiple heights.



Additional information


8" Riser, 16" Riser, 20" Riser, Shepard Hook Extension, Sign Extension, Gutter Mount Kit, 2" Surface mount


Black, Blue Stone, Bronze, Bronze Texture, Mock Rock, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Red Rock, Sand Stone, White