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Options to Improve Your Landscaping Lighting

The best landscape lighting will illuminate your gardens, paths, water features and entryways, providing both security lighting and the perfect glow. TouchStone Accent Lighting offers the latest in solar landscape lights, LED landscape lights and unique landscape lights to highlight your favorite landscaping and outdoor features.

To make your landscaping stand out, check out the latest lighting fixtures, techniques and products for:

Garden & Walkway

At TouchStone Accent Lighting, we offer a full range of different styles of garden light fixtures to create the ambiance and the warm, welcoming look you want in your yard. 

Flood Lighting

If your search for outdoor lighting includes uplights or downlights, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a vast array of options for you to shine a light on outdoor items.

Hardscape Lighting

Whether you're looking to light up your patios, driveways, retaining walls or fireplaces, our hardscape lighting selection cannot be beat. We offer solutions for any hardscape project.

Outdoor Living Lighting

At TouchStone our mission is to create amazing effects within your outdoor space late into the night. You’ll be able to have that outdoor cookout with effective lighting. 

Water Lighting

Water features come alive at night! Get the most out of your outdoor water feature with TouchStone Accent lighting submersible fixtures!

Dock Lighting

Here at TouchStone, we’re experts when it comes to solar-powered dock lights. Our line of dock lights is proven to withstand decades of use. The solar availability enables them to be hassle free.

Solar Lighting

These aren’t your big box store solar lights! Check out our HIGH quality, HIGH power, SUPER bright Solar lighting options!

Commercial Lighting

When you are open for business after the sun sets, commercial landscape lighting and outdoor lighting solutions should be a priority for both safety and welcoming employees and visitors.

Lighting Accessories

TouchStone Accent Lighting isn’t just known for quality products. We offer a full range of replacement parts to keep your landscape lighting system well maintained.

We offer landscape lighting kits for easy installation and maintenance, as well as low-voltage landscape lights to reduce your energy bill and consumption. Our lighting systems include architectural lighting, accent lights and more to balance your outdoor landscaping lighting.

From deck lighting to path lighting, and from step lighting to wall lighting, TouchStone’s lighting design services incorporate your priorities and your budget when it comes to outdoor lighting. Your lighting system can extend your living spaces, enhance safety and security, and create more well-lit natural beauty while illuminating your exterior landscaping.

The right landscape lighting can brighten the world around you – illuminating walkways for safety and gardens for beauty, turning patios into 24/7 spaces and driveways into sports courts. Outdoor lighting for homes and businesses is both energy-efficient and attractive.

When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting today, the options are vast: Home and business owners can choose from a variety of outdoor lighting techniques and outdoor lighting fixtures to create the perfect look and feel for decks, steps, pools, statues and more.

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