Commercial Solar Flood Lights


Solar Flood Light


Solar Flood Lights

The Solar flood fixtures are super bright, providing excellent lighting for signs, flags, HOA entrances and commercial buildings. Innovative, high-efficiency design provides 8-12 hours of nightly illumination.

Solar Flood Features

  • Rain-proof, IP66 Metal Housing
  • Reliable for outdoor installation.
  • High capacity, long life lithium battery
  • 25W, 6v, poly crystalline solar panel
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 30° beam angle for flags or 120° wide beam for signs
  • 3/3270 cell 3.2v, 18Ah LiFe PO4 type batteries
  • Auto dusk activation on, dawn off
  • High luminous efficiency, 120-130lm/W
  • Large heat dissipation area
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Water tight compression connectors
  • Black finish
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Working temp,-25° to 140°F
  • 8 hour sunlight charge = 16 hours of illumination
  • ON/OFF master switch
  • 3 year warranty


  • Flags
  • HOA entrances
  • commercial buildings
  • AG Buildings

Optional Accessories:

  • The Solar Floods are mountable on most surfaces, however if you need to do in ground mounting you will need to purchase the SuperStake.
  • Extension cords are available for further away solar panel mounting options.
  • Accessories are optional but you can buy them here: Solar Accessories


  • Fixture- 9″W x 8.66″ T x 2″D
  • 25 watt Panel – 18″W x 18″T x 2″D
  • 4 watt panel – 38″W x 18″T x 2″D



The fine print, except not so fine..

  • You’ll need to clean the solar panel surface with a soft cloth periodically to maintain functionality.
  • You don’t want to allow the solar panel being covered by buildings, foliage or snow.
  • The total lighting time is based on full sun and ideal placement of light. In winter or on cloudy days the ideal lighting time may be affected.