Garden & Walkway Summary

Updated gardens and walkways with plants, rocks, water features and ornaments may be stunning by day, but nearly invisible by night. Custom landscape lighting that is tailored to your project can enhance your current features while creating greater ambiance and safety in your garden landscape and along walkways and paths.

With landscape lighting ideas and lighting systems, TouchStone Accent Lighting boasts more than 25 years’ experience in crafting residential and commercial outdoor lighting solutions for all dimensions and budgets while helping our clients illuminate their landscaping. From shrub lighting to statue lighting, we can customize a garden lighting solution for flower gardens of leafy ground cover as well as a design concept that will work as your garden continues to bloom and grow into the future. TouchStone can also craft an outdoor lighting plan for curvy, straight, flat and steep walkways, sidewalks or driveways to take advantage of your current landscape.

LED lighting for gardens and walkways is ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Energy-efficient and affordable, LED lights also offer smaller size and a longer lifetime as well as excellent durability for landscape lighting projects.

Our illuminologists are experts at developing garden and walkway lighting plans based on your preferred style, color and budget. TouchStone Accent Lighting provides consultation, ongoing maintenance and creative options to enhance and brighten your outdoor spaces with accent lighting and security lighting.

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