The toughest wireless dock lighting available.  Stand on it, bump it, roll over it. The H2S3 has been designed for the toughest marine environments. Great for edging, fingers and steps.

Suntino Solar Light

Looking for a solar light that really works? The SunTino garden light is engineered to provide over 18- lumens of in-direct light, comparable light quality to wired 12v fixtures. 

Solar Flood Lights

These lights are POWERFUL and perfect for lighting signs, flags HOA entrances and commercial building! Innovative, high-efficiency design provides 8-12 hours of nightly illumination. 

Solar Canopy LIghts

The H2 canopy light provides instant on light when motion is detected under your boat canopy. Easily mounts to any style canopy. High capacity, long life battery.

Solar Shed light

The solar shed light mounts easily to garages, boat docks, door entrances or construction sites. This light automatically turns on once the sun goes down!

Solar Security Lights

This security light is motion detected and will turn on after dark for motion up to 16 feet away! Mounts easily to anywhere a little extra light and security is needed.

The Benefits of Solar Lighting

You likely already know that solar lighting is beneficial for the environment. You might not know, however, that the latest solar landscape lighting options are more powerful and customizable than previous versions of solar-powered landscape lights and that they can be a great option for many common outdoor landscaping projects.
Bright solar landscape lights can make sense for docks and marinas, hard-to-reach areas, gates and gardens, decks and walkways. Read on to learn more about the best solar landscape lights for your next landscaping or lighting project.

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