Solar Shed Light



Solar Shed Light – ACSC5 Shed and Remote Area Lighting

When and where energy isn’t available, but a high quality light source is desired use our solar shed light. These lights are spectacular and will illuminate the area with a light quality far superior to the competition. You’ll find a huge value in this product. The Touchstone solar-powered shed light. provides reliable bright light with 4-hour run time.  It’s excellent for lighting sheds, gazebos, ice houses and out cabins.

This is a high-quality product and not one that you will find yourself replacing or wishing you had never bought. You’ll be able to look out on your property for several hours into the night with the battery power saved through one day of sun. You can use an automatic timer or a switch, so this product is very convenient to use.

Batteries are usually the first things to fail in solar power, but with the high-capacity 7.4v lithium battery pack you shouldn’t have the problem.

Solar Shed Light Features

  • Rain-proof, IP 65
  • 36 LEDs-200 lumen
  • High-capacity 7.4v lithium battery
  • 5w Crystalline silicone panel
  • Post & wall mount brackets included
  • 12-foot panel cable harness with quick disconnects
  • Push-button on/off switch
  • 6 hours of sun will fully charge battery
  • 4 hour run time on battery

Dimensions: Panel-6″ x 8″, Power head-10″W x 14″L x 2″D

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

This light is different from our Solar Security series, because the solar panel and the lighting unit are separate pieces, connected with a 20-foot cord. That means that you can place the solar panel in a sunny area and have the lights in a less-lit or dark area. So, you are able to put the solar panel outside and the light unit inside the area needing light. This fixture is controlled with an on/off switch and doesn’t automatically detect dark conditions.