Universal Transformers Video

The Touchstone Universal transformers come in different wattage sizes. The 75W, the 150W, and the 300W are all the size of a can or container. Then there is the 600W, a 900W, and a 1200W, to let you know what size of a transformer you will need.

You take the total wattage of all the different fixtures that you are going to have times how many fixtures, (The watts times the fixtures.) is going to tell you. I have 85-watts on my system, so then I’m going to need a 150-watt transformer.

What the transformer really does, is it steps the voltage, which is nothing more than pressure from 120 volts which is what is in your house, down to about 12 volts. The transformer itself has a buckle door on it and then you got what we call an astronomic timer here that simply plugs right in.

It has battery back-up on it, so you never have to monkey around,  with having to go out and reset your lights, here. It plugs right in, with an astronomic timer, you do not need a photocell, so this will compensate and allow you to, automatically have the lights come on at dusk and then turn off at whatever time you’ld like.

It also has what we like to call a multi-tap setting here, so with a Universal Series Transformer you are going to want a Universal Series like this if you are having to go further distances out from the transformer.

If you are going to have lights, in your front yard, and your backyard, and all over your property. Then you might want to consider the Universal Series because it has the multi-tap settings, so that you can have the voltage or the pressure higher up. For the front of the yard if you have the transformer mounted in the backyard or you can have it on the 12V setting if you know the lights are going to be real close. So, you get the ability to control the pressure of the voltage going out to the individual lights, with the Universal Series.

Again, this is the kind of transformer that isn’t available at a big-box store. It’s only available through Touchstone Trained Illuminologists or Touchstone Accent Lighting.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.