Touchstone Accent Lights Video

Hi, my name is Mark Hanson, Chief Illuminologist for Touchstone Accent Lighting, since 1986 we’ve been providing indirect, inconspicuous, and incredible lighting systems for both residential and light commercial type applications.

All of our fixtures are proprietary just to Touchstone Accent Lighting, so you can’t get these from big-box or mass-merchant retailers. They are only available through Touchstone Accent Lighting or through our factory trained illuminologist.

LED landscape lighting is one only energy saving products that doesn’t cost any more to do. The reason for it is you are going to save on the cost of the cable and you are going to save on the cost of the transformer. Those two items off-set the increased cost of the LED.

Why use Touchstone Accent Lighting?

With Touchstone Accent Lighting, we are going to give you the personal attention that you need to get the exact fixture in the exact location with the exact LED or the exact bulbs that you need, so that it is inconspicuous during the day, incredible, and indirect at night. Those are attention to detail that you cannot get from any big-box or mass-merchant retailer.

So let us help extend your outdoor living space and build a lighting system that is going to make your home look the best it possibly can at night.

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Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.