Powerpack Series Transformer Video Demonstration

This is the PowerPack Series Transformer, it’s available in either a 60 watt Powerpack or 150 watt Powerpack and how we determine how many watts or what size transformer or Powerpack you’re going to be needing is you take your total number of fixtures, times the watts of each one of your fixtures.

The Powerpacks have a built in photocell and timer. The Powerpack has to be mounted in an outdoor area that is going to be able to sense daylight and darkness. It’s real easy to operate, there is a simple on-off-auto (which is the dusk to dawn) and then there is the 4-hour, 6-hour, or an 8-hour.

The Powerpacks are a good transformer to use if your lights are going to be within say 100 feet of the transformer. The powerpack 60 and the powerpack 150 are value-minded transformers. They both put out 12 volts like the more expensive 100 Universal Series.

If your lighting is going to be within, say 100 feet of the Powerpack, this is a perfectly acceptable means to power your system. You can run 30-40 fixtures off this simple little Powerpack here.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.