Pipe and Post Outdoor Lighting Fixture Demonstration

This is our Post and Pipe fixture, the PP173, it’s a new fixture here. Its solid brass and you can either get it in the raw brass, here like so, or in a black finish. If you will notice, here how you can see this line here.

You can remove the optional radius bracket for mounting on pipe or radius surfaces, so it can mount on any type of flat surfaces or wood, plastic, or whatever your application might be. The light is all directed downward, it uses our 1 ½ watt LED. That simply slides in like so.

It has a 72-inch long wire harness, so you can make all your connections through your pipe or through your vinyl or whatever you’re going to be mounting it onto, then making all your connections down below. It throws off 68 diameter of a light, so you will need these every 8 to 12 feet depending on what your applications will be.

Again, this is an exclusive only from Touchstone available only through our factory-trained illuminologists or Touchstone direct.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.