H2 Solar Powered Dock Lighting System

This is the H2 Solar Dock light, it is intended to be a marking device; solar lighting isn’t really intended for landscape lighting. I know they try to sell you on that, but when you look at it. It really doesn’t light up anything. It is really intended just to see little dots on your landscape. Well, that same concept is good for on a dock light.

Because it’s really just intended to be a marking device so when you’re bringing your boat in at night, you can see the dock and it’s not illuminating the whole dock or creating skip across the water here.

So, how you mount one of these here is there is a magnetic switch on the inside, when you remove the magnet that activates the fixture to come on. Then you take and simply screw the fixture onto the intended lighting surface.

This fixture again like all Touchstone Fixtures is proprietary just to us. It’s only available through Touchstone Accent lighting or through our trained factory illuminologists.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.