E-Design Custom Landscape Lighting Visible Before It’s Installed

At Touchstone, we have a useful service called E-design and what E-design enables us to do is go in and take photos that you may have from your property.

We can actually go in and place the beams of light, we can show the fixtures, so you can get an idea of what a fixture is going to look like at night on your property, what an up lit tree is going to look. With our E-design services if you had a new landscape and it wasn’t already done, you can send a blue print of it so there we can go in and actually place the beams of light, to show the fixtures and show you what sort of coverage you are going to get off of it.

If you have an existing landscape, then just simply go show photos of it — front yard, back yard, the more the merrier. Now after I’ve either gotten your photos or blueprints from you. Then from there I can go in and use our specially designed app in which I can custom design and show you where all the different fixtures are going to be, turn it to darkness so you are going to see exactly what type of coverage and how beautiful your landscape is going to look at night.

With Touchstone E-design service you’re going to save money, why or how?? Is because most times a consumer will not know that the coverage of a fixture is going to be needing or providing, but we can go in there and we can place the fixture. We can show you and you are going to use fewer fixtures in your design, because we know exactly the coverage and where to place the fixtures.

It is a free service that is going to provide you a better end result.