Dakota Deck and Step Fixture Video

This is the Dakota Deck and Step Fixture, it surface mounts right onto posts, fences, deck railings, stair steps, it provides about a six to eight foot radius of light here, so you can space these about every oh, six to eight feet apart. You are going to stay out of the corner, but you are going to mount about 38 to 40 inches high, so waist high. It used a 1 ½ watt LED, you can also get it with a 5 or a 10 watt Xenon bulb, but the 1 ½ watt LED doesn’t generate any heat. So, it’s real nice. You can touch it. It’s safe around the kids.

Here we are showing the cedar cable cap here. What we are using this for is not only to protect the cable, but to also make it more inconspicuous, and so people can’t be pulling on it here. The wires come down, through the back and they run right down the back side and then you are going to be doing all your connections down at the base of the post or underneath of the deck here.

And another application for the Dakota fixture is for on stair cases. If you mount the fixture at the top of the staircase, the light is going to cascade down three or four steps, so on a typical stair case from the top of the deck down to a lower elevation, you are going to use between two and maybe three fixtures at the most here.

You can either stagger them or go all down the same side of the staircase. A lot of the times too, you will see the recessed cut in ones. Well, those only illuminate a little bit of light right down on top of the steps. But, if you mount the Dakota fixture on the top post here, the light spills down all the tops of the steps here, so it’s a lot safer better coverage and fewer fixture.

This fixture here is proprietary to use, just like all the other Touchstone Fixtures, you can only get them certified trained illuminologists or Touchstone Accent Lighting.
Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible during the night.