Coppertino Fixtures Video

This is the Coppertino fixture; this one here that we are showing here is in copper, but it is also available in a rust steel finish, a dessert sand finish, and a nickel finish. What you might want to consider with the different finishes are the exterior surroundings are, so if you have more red tones in you landscape you will want to consider the rust steel fixture, If you had grey tones or more contemporary then you might go to the nickel. For more buff colored tan we have the dessert sand finish here.

Again this is showing the copper here, in turn the copper will turn. It will take anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending upon where it is placed for it to really get that green patina here. It is going to turn dark brown in oh, 60 to 90 days depending on where it is placed and how much water is getting and is hitting the actual fixture itself.

What different about this fixture is the LED in here sits in their horizontally, so the light fixture the light is coming down over the top of the plant material, so it brings more color into your landscape or your gardens at night.

Traditionally a lot of landscape lights the bulb or LED is going to be sitting in there vertically, so the light is more outward, I’d say. It doesn’t really doesn’t bring a lot of color into the landscape. You will notice here how it’s taller, so it’s going to throw about a 15-foot diameter of light here, so we don’t need a lot of them in the landscape. You can place the fixture oh, 12 or 18 inches off the side of a sidewalk so it’s not going to be right in your way.

As you can see when you’re looking at it, it’s very inconspicuous, so it’s going to blend in with virtually any type of a landscape setting. It’s going to give off a larger diameter of light, so you are going to need fewer fixtures. It’s going to be more durable in terms of if you feel the fixture, it’s go a riser boot, so it’s very bottom heavy, so if you feel it. You feel a lot of fixtures that are top heavy, it’s because of the big hoods that they put on it. So, they become daytime yard art. So, this one is going to blend in real nice.

The Coppertino is available in both an LED version in a 1 ½ and a 4 ½ watt as well as a Xenon version in a 5, 10, or 20 watt. So, the most popular is going to be the 4 ½ watt LED which is going to put out the same illumination as about 12 or 15 watt incandescent or Xenon bulb.

One of the things that you will find with this fixture when you feel it is the weight of it. If you go and you buy a oh a fixture at a big box store, you are going to see how they are little short, they are nice, so that they fit into little boxes, but the fixture after you get it in isn’t going to give any light. So this one is taller, so the light is going to come down over the plant material, down over the flowers, so it’s going to provide a more dramatic all inconspicuous, so you can get right underneath the fixture and you still can’t see where the source of the light is coming from so it’s all indirect. None of the light is going to be shining in any of the neighbor’s eyes or offending anybody.

Again, this fixture isn’t available in big box stores, this is available only through Touchstone Illuminologists or trained professional Touchstone dealers.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible during the night.