Assembling Fixtures Video Demonstration

Assembling Fixtures

This is our 4 ½ watt LED and LED stands for light emitting diode. Each one of these here yellow circles are 1 ½ watts, so what you are going to do here is you take the pin protector and you pull that off, then it just simply pushes right into the socket like so. So, the 4 ½ watt disk here, orientates all the light straight downward over the tops of the plant material here. You can use the 4 ½ watt LED in either the Camino fixture or in our G384 Coppertino fixture.

Now, we are going to be putting the actual stakes onto the Touchstone Fixtures, we use the same stake for any of the Touchstone Fixtures. What you do is you twist the two lead wires from the fixture together like so, and then you are going to, just push that right down through the center hole. Then pull it right out, like so and then tighten the stake onto the fixture and then you have the fixture stake securely mounted onto the fixture.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.