Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial landscape lighting design incorporates all the ways that a business can shine, from offering the best in security to showcasing elements of natural beauty or custom design on your property. More business owners now recognize that the right commercial lighting can keep their company front and center, both day and night.

In a nutshell, the best commercial landscape lighting can help businesses save money, increase the visibility of their organizations and bolster security efforts.

Save with commercial LED lighting and solar lights

The average business spends about 10 percent of its total electricity budget on overall lighting efforts, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. If your business is looking to reduce its energy consumption and save on your monthly energy bill, you can opt for more commercial LED lights as well as solar lights, among other energy-efficient strategies.

In particular, LED commercial lighting fixtures are efficient and affordable, allowing you to quickly decrease your company’s energy consumption. Far more efficient than standard light bulbs, LEDs are long-lasting, which means that they are easy to maintain – you won’t have to switch out bulbs every other week.

In addition to energy savings, easy installation and minimal maintenance, LEDs can also serve an aesthetic purpose, highlighting any special architectural or natural features within your commercial landscaping. Many LEDs today also come with the option for dimmers and motion control. All in all, commercial LED outdoor lighting is ideal for businesses of all sizes and in all locations, since it is durable and weather-resistant.

In addition, automated outdoor lighting will allow you to control your lights and update timing based on the seasons. Customized commercial walkway lights or parking lot lights, for example, can be orchestrated via a timer so you never have to worry about when your property’s night lights turn on.

Solar lights offer another great option for areas that may be difficult to reach or access. You can choose traditional solar lights, which store the sun’s energy during the day and use it to shine at night, as well as solar-powered lights that are run through a controller. A variety of solar landscape lighting kits have everything you need for a successful solar installation. Solar LED lights can also help with cost and energy savings.

Enhance your business security efforts with commercial strip lights

Every business wants to be safe for its visitors and employees alike. Corporate security efforts can include brighter walkways and well-lit stairways as well as motion-sensor lights to prevent unwanted visitors. Commercial landscape lighting fixtures can help your business get rid of shadows at night and incorporate a variety of lighting styles to cover everything from your gardens to your entryway. In addition, a lighting designer can help you examine your commercial landscaping to determine the best placement and type of commercial lighting fixtures, including commercial strip lights, flood lights or spotlights, and task lighting.

Finally, it is important to ensure that your outdoor lighting is balanced – if it is overly bright, it can be hard on the eyes (and the neighbors), while light that is not bright enough may not get the job done.

Even when you are not on the property, the right commercial landscape lighting can work for you around the clock to prevent injuries, theft and the unexpected.

Lighting up your commercial garden

More businesses and commercial properties now feature beautiful gardens, soothing fountains and natural elements to create a welcoming place for visitors and a great place to work for team members. Your commercial landscape lighting plan can draw attention to your business from day to night and season to season.

To light up your commercial gardens and shrubs:

  • Consider different types of lighting fixtures. LED lighting fixtures, such as the powerful LED Bollard Fixture, can spark interest, even if your business is set back from the street. Lower-voltage options can work for closer-up features and areas. Custom commercial lighting fixtures can illuminate your gardens and any other special features of interest.
  • Mix and match. You may want to use an uplighting technique to highlight an historic tree or colored lights for seasonal interest, for instance. An experienced shrub lighting designer can help you determine the best blend of light intensity, lighting fixtures and any lighting accessories that you may need.
  • Plan for growth. As you know, gardens grow and evolve, so your garden lighting plan should offer room for expansion. Create a plan that will work today, and tomorrow.

Commercial gardens can provide a peaceful spot for team members taking a break or engaged in an outdoor meeting, an attractive place of interest for prospective employees and a win-win for the neighborhood. Investing in commercial landscape lighting will help you gardens glow and grow along with your business.

Commercial lighting indoors and out

You likely already have a comprehensive lighting plan for the interior of your business. Some companies, however, neglect to focus on the great outdoors. This is a missed opportunity, since commercial landscape lighting provides the dual benefits of safety and beauty.

If your outdoor lighting plan feels somewhat haphazard or seems to be missing something, a lighting expert can help you bring all of your lighting elements together, so that the exterior of your business starts to feel like a natural extension of the interior. A professional can help you set goals, draft a plan and then implement it, based on your timeline and budget. Commercial LED lighting can be affordable and easy to install and maintain, making it a smart step for any business owner who is concerned about security and interested in showcasing the property.

Bring out the best in your commercial property

Just like your home, it is natural to want your business to both look and function at its best. A customized commercial landscape lighting scheme can balance your goals, different lighting techniques and the appropriate outdoor lighting fixtures to create a business that looks great and flows well. The right commercial landscape lighting solutions can support your business from the outside in.