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Coppertino Series – G384 Garden and Landscape Fixtures

The Coppertino series from Touchstone Accent Lighting is the perfect choice for adding color to your favorite garden areas. The unique design of the Coppertino allows the fixture to virtually disappear during the day. At night, the downward orientation of light highlights walkways, steps, accent outcroppings and other landscape areas with no light pollution. The Coppertino fixtures can be custom cut to any height and are available with 2 watt ceramic LED.The Coppertino series comes in a variety of finishes, to blend inconspicuously with various landscape designs. Providing up to a 15-foot diameter of light, Coppertino series fixtures create safer walkways, reduce tripping hazards, and provide a subtle but dramatic lighting option for gardens and landscape areas. When dark sky requirements need to be taken into consideration, these fixtures are an excellent choice. With the downward orientation of the LED lamp or bulb, stars will be clearly visible, while walkways and lawns are safely illuminated for maximum safety. Our trained “Illuminologists” understand the unique needs of each of our clients and will work with you to design an outdoor lighting package that fits your goals, budget, and property. Let us help you create a lighting system that enhances your property and highlights the best features. Whether safety is your main concern, or you’re looking for a stylish, unobtrusive addition to your overall landscaping design, these fixtures offer the versatile and subtle illumination to suit your needs. Available in raw copper, stainless steel, rust steel, mulch, or architectural bronze finishes, there’s a fixture for your application.


  • 12v AC/DC
  • Interchangeable G4 bi-pin 2watt ceramic LED     This is the ONLY bulb that will work in this fixture.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • 7-inch SuperStake
  • 24-inch Fixture Leads
  • Solid Aluminum with Dual Set Screws
  • Cast up to a 15-foot diameter of light
  • Horizontal Mounted LED, no light pollution
  • Accepts 1/2-inch NPT Hardware
  • Lifetime Housing Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Dimensions 4-inch diameter hood; 3/8-inch by 24-inch tall riser stem

Sleek simple styling casts up to 15 feet diameter of light. One-piece construction requires no assembly. Features our “Off-set/Open face” design for greater downward illumination and no light pollution. Removable riser boot allows for optional riser heights. ETL Logo

Applications: Downward orientation of LED/bulb creates up to 15- or 22- foot diameter of light. Excellent in gardens, walkways, steps, boulder outcroppings, and landscapes. Note: The heavy-duty copper option is this same fixture. It has a slightly thicker riser with an adjustable height option on the stem, and casts a slightly larger light circle.

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Finish Color

Raw Copper, Stainless Steel, Rust Steel, BlackText, Oil Rub Bronze, Mock Rock, Red Rock, Blue Stone, Sandstone, BronzeTex, Black Texture, Adjustable Height Copper, Arch Bronze, Gravel Gray


Specification Sheet:


Coppertino and Commino Series Instructions

Specification Sheet


  1. kthoennes

    These lights are very high quality, commercial grade — not the junk you find in the big box home improvement stores that only last a few seasons. The price is higher, but they’ll last forever. Get the flexible rubber stake bases too, they’re worth it. Or yard is a mix of these high quality lights and lights from the big box stores and the cheaper plastic stake bases always break.

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