Outdoor Landscape Lighting 101

No matter what the season or occasion, your outdoor landscape lighting can highlight your gardens, showcase your walkways and accent your steps with custom lighting that is both safe and subtle.

With a custom outdoor landscape lighting plan, you can combine form and function, enjoy safety and security, shine a light on your favorite outdoor features, and plan for the future with the right outdoor accent lighting for your home or business.

Types of outdoor accent landscape lighting

You will likely want to incorporate the following types of LED outdoor lighting into your landscape design:

  • Outdoor walkway lighting: Landscape lighting and walkway lighting ideas can make it easier and more enjoyable to get from point A to point B. In addition, customized outdoor lights can brighten paths and walkways to make it safer to move while offering around-the-clock illumination and security lighting.
  • Garden lighting: Garden lights can highlight the beauty of your gardens and grounds. A landscape lighting plan for your gardens should work well now – and for years and decades to come as your gardens expand. Lighting designers can incorporate scale, usage and opportunities for growth so that your lighting expands thoughtfully along with your outdoor spaces. You can also use creative garden lighting ideas to spotlight a water feature, flowers or greenery to make these features even more magical.
  • Outdoor step lights: Your outdoor steps can glow with a soft light that is designed for both safety and beauty. Outdoor step lighting should be placed carefully to ensure you have the right amount of illumination no matter what time of day or year.
  • Hardscape lighting: LED hardscape lighting can cover everything from your driveway to your fences, from fountains to fireplaces. Hardscape lighting is a terrific way to extend your indoor spaces into the great outdoors and open up more space for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Outdoor solar landscape lights: Solar landscape lighting kits take advantage of the sun’s power to offer energy-efficient light even after the sun sets. Solar lighting can create mood and ambiance in a garden, near a walkway, or at the front entrance of your home or commercial property. Larger solar panels can be positioned so that they are concealed from view while still offering full exposure to the sun, harnessing all the solar power you need, when you need it.

A lighting professional can help you assess the best options for your next outdoor landscape lighting project to ensure the best use of your investment.

Best lighting solutions for outdoor kitchens

Today, many homeowners have outdoor kitchens that rival their indoor spaces and need the best outdoor kitchen lighting for both cooking and entertaining. Gone are the days of grilling by moonlight as homeowners from coast to coast integrate customized landscape lighting to make cooking easy and hanging out more enjoyable than ever.

The following tips will help you light up your outdoor spaces and find the best outdoor kitchen lighting fixtures:

  • Focus your brightest lights above your cooking spaces. Task lighting and halogen lamps, for example, can help you grill, sauté and fry to perfection without risk of damage. It is important that outdoor lighting is rated for hot, humid and wet conditions so that it can go the distance. TouchStone offers a Light My Grill surface mount grill light that is perfect for outdoor kitchens; it is adjustable with a nickel-plated metal finish for easy operation and cleaning.
  • Balance form and function with outdoor accent lights and functional lights. You need both style and substance when it comes to lighting outdoor kitchens and purchasing outdoor kitchen lighting fixtures. Your lighting plan should offer brighter lights for cooking and grilling areas and LED lighting schemes for quieter areas.
  • Consider a ceiling fan with a lighting kit. Not only will you have a dimmable light for your outdoor kitchen, but the added bonus of a fan can create cooler air flow on hot days and help keep the bugs away.
  • Add low-voltage ceiling lights for dining spaces. Offering a relaxed and warm vibe, outdoor ceiling lights make for a great dining experience while offering low-voltage, energy-saving lighting options. Similar to indoor options, outdoor ceiling lights can be wired for safety.

Other options for highlighting your outdoor cooking and eating spaces include under-cabinet lighting, downlighting for bar areas, and outdoor landscape lighting in different colors, temperatures and textures to create the vibe that you are looking for.

Outdoor accent lighting ideas to enhance safety and security

Whether you are looking to light a residence or commercial space, your tailored outdoor LED lighting can promote greater safety and security on your property, preventing slips and falls while lighting up darker areas at night.

Motion sensor lights can trigger a sensor that immediately illuminates the surrounding area. The level of illumination will depend on the lighting model, its angle and the area it is designed to cover. Lighter, softer outdoor LED lighting can be used to temporarily light an area being used while a stronger, even harsher illumination can be used to deter unwanted intrusions or visitors. Flood lights and spotlights can also be a great tool for outdoor landscape lighting when it comes to safety and security.

It pays to go professional

While there are many great do-it-yourself outdoor accent lighting options today, the advice of a professional can be invaluable in your outdoor walkway lighting, hardscape lighting or garden lighting project.

A trained lighting designer can help you find lights that do the job beautifully without getting in the way. A lighting expert can help you with safe outdoor step lights and fun outdoor kitchen lighting ideas. A designer can also recommend the best outdoor lighting fixtures for your project and help with installation and ongoing maintenance.

Accent lighting for the great outdoors

Your landscape deserves to shine. Well-lit outdoor spaces are safer and more inviting. Even better, they can be easy to plan and easier to maintain.

The best outdoor landscape lighting plans incorporate a variety of lighting styles and techniques, the latest in outdoor LED lighting fixtures, and the perfect blend of style and substance.