replacement bulbs.

Authentic TouchStone replacement bulbs

All of TouchStone products are either LED and Halogen compatible, or can be retrofitted to accept either. LED is the new and improved way to go, with less watt consumption and powerful lighting effects. But we understand some still prefer Halogen. Below are our bulbs, all designed specifically for our TouchStone lighting fixtures. Each of our bulbs carry a warranty, unlike those you will find at a big-box store. We challenge you to find a better bulb.

MR16 LED’s 

MR11 LED’s


PAR 36 LED’s

Ceramic LED’s

Silicone LED’s

Halogen MR16

Blue Bulb

Xenon Bi-Pin

Blue Bulb

Colored LED’s

Colored PAR 36

BistroLight LED’s

Bayonet Bulb

Our Products

High Performance LED’s and Halogen/Xenon bulbs,  designed with the latest technology and built with the highest of quality materials.


Easy to use

Easy bi-pin installation.



Each of our bulbs carry a warranty.

Hearty Weather Rated

From subzero to the middle of summer. They can keep up!