Choosing your transformer.

Not all transformers are created equal.

Picking the right transformer is essential to ensuring your landscape lighting runs efficiently for years to come.  Transformers are the engine to your system and they will completely make or break the outcome of the longevity of your lights. Below there are two types of transformers.

The Universal transformer is superior and works for any situation. Ranging in wattages of 75-1200 watts, this powerful box can do anything. The universal transformer has optional timer, accessories and parts to make this box work for any landscape lighting project.  The Universal Transformer has a 10-year warranty and is repairable with replaceable parts.

The plastic transformer with built in timer and photocell, this box is for project such as small decks, water features or projects under 100 ft. This transformer is non-repairable and completely integrated with a one-year replacement warranty.

Universal 12V AC/DC Transformer

12V Plastic Transformer

Our ProductS

Our Transformers are built right here in the USA. They are encased in a steel housing with black powder coat finish.  With 12-15v taps, to tackle any job.


Easy to use

Easy side hinge accessible door.


Lasting Warranty

Both offer a warranty.

Hearty Weather Rated

From subzero temps to the middle of summer. They can keep up!