Ideas for Water Lighting in All Seasons

Whether you own a boat and want to add more water lighting around your marina or simply want to highlight the beauty of a garden fountain with additional landscape lighting, water lighting can safely and attractively light up your pool, boat, garden or deck to increase your hours of usage and enjoyment.

Water lighting in all seasons can create beauty, security and set the tone for a fun evening to come.

Lighting that works for your dock and marina

To protect the investment of your boat, the right dock lighting and marina lighting can go a long way. While you can swim, boat and fish in the sun during the daytime hours, an illumination system will make it easier to dock, clean and lift your boat, not to mention amping up the fun when you spend time on the dock at night.

Dock and marina lighting typically consists of:

  • Lighting for the dock: The two main dock lighting options are flat, close-to-the-ground marker lights or motion-activated safety lights that are mounted on a post or wall. Marker lights send a soft glow upwards and can be affixed to the dock flooring. Safety lights, on the other hand, cast beams downward and are great for nighttime boating and overall safety enhancement; they can be drilled into a tall post above the dock or onto a nearby wall.
  • Pole lighting and spotlights: A pole lighting system can be placed anywhere that you have overhead space to create spotlights for your dock. In addition, traditional spotlight systems can also create safety and set the mood. You can set lights to shine on your boat with a motion sensor system to prevent theft and make it easier to enjoy evening boat rides, not to mention getting on and off the boat.
  • Solar lights: While you can run an electrical line to the shore, solar dock lights are safer and more energy-friendly. They charge during the day so they are ready to shine at night. You can also choose different colors and patterns to create a fun design to demarcate your portion of a shared dock.

You can also illuminate walkways to and from common buildings close to the dock for added safety and ease of use. A blend of dock and marina lights can make sure other boaters see your dock when they are on the water at night while further beautifying your dock and boat house.

Finally, it is important to make sure that your dock and marina lights are bright enough for safety purposes but not so bright that they create light pollution or disturb the neighbors. A lighting designer can help you choose the best options for your property.

The best lighting for your outdoor pool

An outdoor pool makes for hours of fun in the sun, but that fun does not have to end when the sun sets. The right outdoor pool lighting can create a warm glow for around-the-clock enjoyment.

In terms of pool lighting, there are three key areas to consider:

  • Lighting the pool deck. Since your pool deck provides access to the pool, it should be well-lit for safety purposes. Affordable deck lighting systems include solar lighting and wired electrical systems, which can focus on aesthetics as well as safety. Accent lighting can make it safer to walk around the pool while still emitting a warm and welcoming glow. 
  • Lighting your outdoor landscaping. Finally, you may also wish to light up trees, shrubs, bushes or decorative features around your pool. LED outdoor fence lights are great for setting the mood. Strategic outdoor accent lighting can enhance each of these elements and create the perfect backdrop for your next pool party. Tailored landscape lighting can bring your pool, deck and landscaping together in one amazing package.

Another benefit of pool lighting is that LED lights do not attract insects. A pool lighting designer can help you craft an easy-to-implement plan to ensure your pool is open and lit up at all hours.

More options for water lighting

The fun doesn’t stop with boats and pools. You may have a great fountain or pond or garden water feature you want to accent with light.

A water fountain doesn’t have to be hibernate if you have in a colder climate. In fact, a waterfall or fountain can be stunning next to a snowy vista.

TouchStone Accent Lighting offers a hardscape mount and floodlighting system perfect for illuminating outdoor water features year-round. These lighting systems can create a dramatic stage for the wintry mist of cool water jets, show off a picturesque fountain or serve as the main showpiece in a waterless fountain. A submersible LED light can create warm illumination and highlight your winter wonderland. Colored bulbs can also create a fun event for special events or holidays.

The Snail underwater light from TouchStone is small enough to fit just about anywhere and tough enough to withstand cold conditions. It consists of a small light that creates a dramatic, low glow that shines through water and focuses the attention above. This feature is terrific for water features with rock beds, since the LED in the Snail emits 360 degrees of light.

Customizable lights can also be used to highlight a babbling brook in your garden or water at the base of a special monument. Many modern options ensure that your lighting is safe and bright from season to season.

From the boat to the pool to the backyard fountain, water lighting can extend the use and enjoyment of your favorite water features.