Low Voltage Cable


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low Voltage Cable

Cable Family Cable is a very important component of your lighting design. You want the right product for your system. This is the cable that Touchstone uses and recommends. Low Voltage cable is numbered by the foot for easy identification of lengths used, features include a high strand count providing flexibility and a heavy duty jacket. This is sold by the 500 foot roll only. Please call to order by the foot- we only offer per foot, under 100 feet for shipping purposes.

Cable Features

  • Sequentially numbered by the foot
  • Earth toned
  • Colored Outer Jacket
  • UL Listed
  • Made in the USA
  • Suitable for direct burial
  • Sunlight resistant

Call 888-475-2112 for more information

Cable Prices by foot, we do sell by the foot for anything under 100 feet. To place an order call 888-475-2112

  • 16/2   $0.82
  • 14/2   $1.30
  • 12/2   $1.80
  • 10/2   $2.36

Additional information


14/2 gage cable sold by the foot, 12/2 gage cable sold by the foot, 10/2 gage cable sold by the foot, 16/2 gage cable sold by the foot


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