The Kitchen Package


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The Kitchen Package

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The Kitchen Package Includes a little of everything to make your outdoor kitchen area a nighttime sensation. Great for making catering and get togethers doable at any hour of the night, during any season of the year. Whether it's 5 o'clock on a Monday night and you and the family want burgers, but it's getting dark by 4:30. Or, you're hosting a graduation party for your son, and his friends are all night owls and the party doesn't start until 9PM. Whichever the situation, we here at TouchStone have you covered.

Our Deck and ledge Series  Is great for any lip, ledge or under cap area you have in your outdoor kitchen area. Many will use these under the lip of the grill area, to help define the ground in front of the grill, or around the seating area.

The Grill Light  is nickel plated and offers a subtle but powerful light for your grilling area. Making sure you can see the food you are grilling, so there are no burger casualties. This 12V light is specially designed to use in conjunction with your outdoor grill.

The Hanging Copper series is a small yet mighty little light, that is typically suspended from a small hook or chain, to cast a downlight onto an area where you are sitting or congregating.

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Deck and Ledge Finish

BronzeTex, OilRubbed Bronze, MockRock, RedRock, BlueStone, SandStone