Solar Lighting

The Benefits of Solar Lighting

You likely already know that solar lighting is beneficial for the environment. You might not know, however, that the latest solar landscape lighting options are more powerful and customizable than previous versions of solar-powered landscape lights and that they can be a great option for many common outdoor landscaping projects.

Bright solar landscape lights can make sense for docks and marinas, hard-to-reach areas, gates and gardens, decks and walkways. Read on to learn more about the best solar landscape lights for your next landscaping or lighting project.

Top 5 benefits of solar landscape lights

Truly, the benefits of solar light accessories and systems are extensive, depending on personal needs and interests. Here are just 5 of the key benefits solar lighting kits have to offer for both homes and businesses:

  • Solar energy is clean energy. Solar lights, which convert sunlight into electricity, do not produce air pollution or any dangerous byproducts, and they also reduce the use of energy sources that are not beneficial for the environment. You will conserve energy by turning to LED solar lights.
  • Solar lights will save you money. You will notably reduce your electricity bill when you switch to solar lights. They are a cost-effective solution for warm landscape lighting. You can also reduce your need to purchase additional outdoor lighting fixtures with bright solar lights.
  • Solar lights are safe and they enhance property safety. Solar lights are a simple, straight-forward type of night light that can make your properties safer to navigate.
  • Solar lights are easy to install. Because they are so simple to install, it is easy to adjust and reposition lights to suit the changing seasons or to update your lighting scheme. Likewise, solar landscape lighting kits come equipped with solar panels, control panels, batteries and cabling to enable you to set up a powerful light system. In addition, solar light repair parts are easy to find and use; you can also consult with a lighting professional to help you make fixes and updates to your landscape lighting systems.
  • Solar lights are beautiful. You can increase your curb appeal and set the stage for a beautiful evening with attractive and welcoming solar lights. You can illuminate points of interest and accentuate your property’s finest features, from statues to flowers to pools.

Another obvious benefit? Solar landscape lights now come in a variety of styles, sizes and options so you can choose the best solar LED landscape lights for your deck, entryway, lawn or garden.

The best solar-powered lights

Ultimately, the best outdoor solar lights will be the best solar lighting for your personal or commercial landscaping needs. Whatever fits your needs and interests will be the best solar lights for you.

Consider the purpose of your lighting project: What will you use your outdoor landscaping lights for? Solar lights can provide a warm accent, guide visitors to the front door or show off your amazing garden with dazzling solar shrub lights. In this case, the solar lights might need to be on the brighter side.

To offer brighter light, solar-powered lights that are run through a controller can provide the right amount of light as well as strength of light for your particular project. The wires that connect the lights can be placed under a thin layer of dirt, rendering them nearly invisible. Again, this is an economical option since the controller stores energy from the sun and transfers it directly into light.

Lighting a deck or fence, on the other hand, might call for a more subtle form of solar lighting. True solar lights are cordless and can connect easily to your deck or fence to increase security and add a focal point. This type of light is soft so it does not distract neighbors or incoming traffic.

In addition, the size of the area you want to illuminate will help you determine the best outdoor landscape light fixtures. A lighting professional can be invaluable in making this decision. Further, you should determine if you want to add color for a pop of fun or festivity. Finally, safety and security should always be a primary factor in choosing the best solar-powered lighting kit for your home or commercial property.

Solar-powered dock lights

More boat owners and lake lovers are turning to solar-powered dock lights as well as solar-powered carport lights for their marinas and boat houses. Solar dock lights, including marker lights, can provide a subtle nighttime glow and make it easier to get in and out of the boat, to dock it, and to lift or lower your boat. In addition, a set of solar-powered dock lights will last a long time, and the best solar products are both water-resistant and impact-resistant to prevent damage. The intensity of the sun will affect the power of traditional solar lights.

Solar dock lights today often consist of small light fixtures that are easy to install and that are unobtrusive. You can run electrical line to the shore line, however, solar-powered dock lights are safer and more energy-efficient. Again, you can turn to different colors and designs to lend personality to your boat or dock.

Solar light accessories

A wide range of solar light accessories allow for easy updates and maintenance. Such accessories can include solar panels, rechargeable batteries, gaskets, adapters and more. It is important to use quality, professional products and to consult a lighting expert if you are concerned about your outdoor lighting fixtures, lighting installation or overall outdoor landscape lighting.

Solar lighting repair is also typically best handled by the pros. While solar light is safe to use and easy to install, you will get more out of your solar-powered landscape lights when you consult with a lighting designer who can take your entire landscaping into account. A lighting pro can help with everything from planning to installing to updating.

Shine on

Solar light is an amazing, economical and energy-friendly option for home and business owners looking to enhance their outdoor landscape lights. Shine on by adding more solar lights to your landscaping.