Solar Flood Accessories


Remote Panel Bracket-GS

Includes a ground stake and 6′ extension cable to relocate solar panel on the ground to a sunnier location. Ideal for overgrown trees and uplighting.

Tree Bracket

For mounting in trees to create a downlighting effect. Will likely need a panel Bracket to relocate the solar panel.

Sign Extension, Brackets and Couplers

For adding lighting to HOA entrances and commercial signage. Upward and downward mounting capabilites.

Fixture Riser 15″

Raise your solar light up from tall foliage allowing a better light radius in large gardens and tall landscaping.

Remote Panel Bracket-WP

Includes a 6′ extension cable for relocating your solar panel. Mounts to a flat surface. Great for canopy lighting and security lighting.

Extension Cable 6′

Go further with your solar panel, creating more opportunites for moutning your solar lighting. Up to 24 ft. (4 cables)

16″ Super stake

For high traffic areas, the super stake created a stable and durable mounting option.

60″ Super Stake

Elevate your solar panel or solar flood on a heavy duty 60″ super stake. Commercial Grade

Solar Flood Lenses

Pairs with the SF5 only- optional beam angles. 15° for flags, 30 (std) or 60° for trees and 120° for wall washing.

Replacement Batteries

3 replacement Batteries for the SF5- They work for wall pack series and the ground stake series.

Replacement Solar Module

If your solar panel stops working or breaks replace the module and continue using the Light.

Replacement Ground stake

8″ Plastic Ground stake replacement.