Outdoor Fence Lighting

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Outdoor Fence Lighting Solutions and How to Light Your Perimeters

Fencing is a practical part of your property for so many reasons. For starters, it’s a distinct physical boundary—the line between your property and your neighbor. Fencing can also give you peace of mind if you have kids or pets who like to explore past the bounds of where they’re supposed to stop. Factor in privacy and safety, and fencing makes a lot of sense for many backyards.

Deciding to fence-in your property is only the first of many decisions to come. Do you fence the entire backyard or just a portion? Chain link or wood? What style pickets or links do you want? There are dozens of options when it comes to fencing, dependent on factors like your property size, budget and the purpose of your fence.

Even after it’s installed, you’ve still got one more decision ahead of you: do you light your fencing? The answer is yes, and we will show you the many ways to do it right. It all comes down to the right lighting fixtures, coordinated appropriately across your unique backyard.

Why invest in LED outdoor fence lighting?

Your fence is part of your landscape, which means you need to treat it that way. Not only does it require the same care and upkeep as hardscaping or greenery, it also deserves to be lit. Illuminating fencing serves several practical purposes and it’s a simple way to bring cohesion to the entirety of your landscape—especially if other aspects of it are lit.

Consider sitting on your patio after sundown, enjoying a glass of wine and a good book. As you look off into the distance, you’re met with nothing. Blackness. Your patio lights only illuminate so far and beyond 20-30 feet, you can’t see much. It can be a little intimidating. It’s even more intimidating when you need to walk out into the darkness to go latch the back gate or pick up your kids’ toys.

Now, imagine solar fence lighting that gently lights up when the sun goes down, illuminating the perimeter of your landscape. Beyond the range of your patio lights, you can see the complete parameters of your landscape. The back gate is right over there, and you can clearly see the kids’ toys scattered around the yard.

This scenario and many others like it are why so many homeowners decide to explore fence post lighting. The practicality, utility and ambiance of fence lighting brings a whole new dimension to your backyard. It’s a fantastic way to add personality to your property after the sun goes down.

Adding function with outdoor fence lighting

You may not realize it, but adding LED fence lighting to a space can instantly make it more welcoming and functional. Light adds depth, which helps you get your bearings. On a deck or near a trellis, fence post lighting can create a welcoming ambiance. Our inventory includes options that range from accent-worthy to practical, to make your property more inviting and to keep your get-together going all night.

Outdoor fence lighting is the ideal way to create another space that your family and friends will love spending time in. Use it to frame the perimeter of your property, accent the square footage of your deck or highlight your pergola and outdoor kitchen. Wherever you mount fence lighting, it’ll act as a beacon that brings people near and encourages them to congregate.

Where can you install outdoor fence lighting solutions?

Whether it’s a patio, deck or pool area, outdoor fence lighting is ideal for creating the ambience you desire in an outdoor space. Explore opportunities for solar fence lighting and the role it plays as a dynamic contributor to your property’s after-dark appeal:

  • Perimeters: Install fence or sconce lighting on every (or every other) pillar of your fence all the way around your backyard to frame the perimeter. This is a classic use of fence lighting and one that embraces all the benefits of this style of lighting. It enhances the overall ambiance of your yard, clearly delineates borders, deters trespassers, improves privacy and makes your backyard more inviting. It’s the simplest way to get the most out of outdoor fence lighting.
  • Pools: Many pool owners have fencing surrounding their pools, as a safety precaution. It keeps kids, pets and wildlife away from the water and is a must-have safety effort if you don’t own a pool cover. Pool fencing is further improved with lighting, which projects visibility around the pool and identifies it as its own space. A little lighting can also be enough to deter critters from straying into the water.
  • Decking: Set the mood and improve the ambiance of your deck! Fence and deck lighting make it easy for people to converge and congregate in your backyard, mingling in an area made for socializing. Even with the sun down, deck lighting can help people feel comfortable as they gather—whether it’s for a low-key chat or a raucous celebration. The beauty of lighting your deck using fence lighting is that you can spare the glare of stark flood lighting, which can be overbearing after a while.
  • Trellises and pergolas: The combination of fence lighting with a trellis or pergola offers sublime possibilities. Trellises often have creeping flora growing up them or hanging plants to complement them. Adding sconce-style lighting not only illuminates the space around the trellis, it also accents the greenery that’s part of it. With a few strategic lighting installations, your trellis or pergola can become an iconic part of your backyard.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Sconce lighting to accent your outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to leverage vertical light in a functional way. Outdoor kitchens are areas prone to congregation and spots where illumination is important—whether you’re uncorking a bottle or grilling an entrée. Combined with perimeter fence and deck lighting, vertical lighting for outdoor kitchens is a savvy way to illuminate your backyard.

While these applications aren’t strictly ‘fences,’ they offer the same vertical lighting opportunities and have the same effect: framing your property. They all benefit from outdoor fence lighting products and strategies.

At TouchStone, we understand the challenges that are often present when installing fence lighting, which is why we strive to provide property owners with solutions that are both practical and beautiful. Our goal is to help every person illuminate their property in the right way, using outdoor fence lighting solutions that complement the property itself and the lifestyle of every person.

Packages and custom lighting options

Whether you choose outdoor LED lights or solar fence lighting, you’ll need more than one fixture to get the full effect. Our package options are ideal for those looking to illuminate their fencing—they include everything from the fixtures themselves to the required cables and transformers. Before you know it, your outdoor space will be beautifully enhanced with our trendy lighting options!

We recommend our Fence and Sconce Series lights, which offer diverse vertical lighting solutions for properties of all sizes. They’re equally as excellent for perimeter lighting as they are pool enclosures, and they’re ideal for illuminating outdoor kitchens, trellises and decking alike. These fixtures are capable of both uplighting and downlighting, allowing property owners to customize the appeal of fence lighting to meet their unique vision for an illuminated backyard. They’re also designed with features specific to fence lighting applications:

  • 12-volt AC/DC
  • Interchangeable 2.5 watt 2700k MR8
  • Aluminum with powder coat finish
  • Stainless-steel fasteners
  • Surface-mounts
  • 60″ fixture leads
  • Top and bottom lens
  • Includes color-matched top color
  • Dual GX 5.3 porcelain lamp sockets
  • Cast 4-6 feet diameter of light

Remember, when it comes to outdoor lighting, it pays to trust the experts. Let our professionals design a custom fence, deck, rail or vertical lighting package for you and you’ll be amazed at the unique solutions they’re able to produce! Whether you’ve got an eye for practicality, ambiance, utility or all of the above, we’ve got custom lighting solutions that meet your needs.

No matter how unique your set-up or layout may be, we’ll create a beautiful display that’s sure to exceed your expectations! Our mission is to furnish your fence—and any other vertical fixtures—with beautiful lighting solutions that are as complementary as they are exceptional.

Take your fencing to the next level

If you’re making the investment in fencing, it pays to also invest in fence lighting. Good lighting takes all the best features of your fence and expands on them. A well-lit fence is more practical, safer, more imposing, more beautiful and an all-around better addition to your landscape! Whether it’s a wrought iron picket fence, a vinyl privacy fence or a classic wood fence with decorative features, it deserves to be properly illuminated.

Let our design professionals introduce you to the near-infinite options for outdoor fence lighting and all the additional complementary vertical lighting opportunities spanning your property. We’ll coordinate lighting that makes your backyard a welcoming, safe, enjoyable place to spend time when the sun goes down.