Deck and Ledge Series

Deck and Ledge series:

Our Ledge, Top Cap and Rail series surface mounts provide subtle, attractive illumination while enhancing the look of your overall landscaping and architecture design. These versatile fixtures are designed to fit snugly under masonry top caps, under deck steps and railings, or can be used to downlight addresses, columns, and monuments. The heavy-duty stainless steel housing provides a durable fixture, and the raw copper housing gives the fixture a sophisticated, elegant look. The DL 511 Ledge and Railing series fixture easily mounts under any edge or overhang.  For installation, a minimum of a 1″ overhang or lip is recommended.  Provides great downlighting on hardscape walls, monuments, deck railings and highlighting address markings.

5 Inch Ledge

7 inch Super Stake

10 Inch Ledge

7 inch Super Stake

15 Inch Ledge

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