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We offer catalogs tailored to anyone’s needs.  We carry old fashioned paper, PDF and Online interactive E-catalog Flip books. 65 full color pages of each of our products showcased, with retail pricing directly in the catalog for easy showing. Remember you get 50% off of everything in the catalog. 

FlipBook Online

Use this link for easy sharing of the catalog, with interactive pages and links directly to the website.


Paper Catalogs

Click here to order single catalogs or 25 pack reams of catalogs.


Click here to download the PDF file of the catalog.

Branding Materials

From vehicle vinyl to shirts, we have you covered (head to toe) with TouchStone gear.

TouchStone Clothing

Hats, Shirts and more.

Vinyl Decals

For on your vehicle or on your favorite coffee mug.

Marketing & product Displays

We offer display stands that showcase our fixtures, color samples to show each powdercoat option and sample fixtures at a discounted rate for on hand display options to physically show your customers each fixture.

Display Stands

Our display stands offer a quick and easy approach to showing your customer TouchStone fixtures. They can be powered to show the lights while they are on. They are also customizable with a quick disconnect option to take them off the stand for people to physically handle them. These stands are free to you, we just ask you cover shipping.

Color Rings

We offer color chip samples of all our powdercoating colors. This is an easy carry along tool to better color match to your landscaping, decks, fences or vinyl siding. Having the colors on hand helps your customer visualize the project.

Sample Fixtures

We offer sample fixtures in any style. You can pick out as many sample fixtures as you would like at a special discount. These items should be picked prior to picking out your stand, so we can accommodate for space and mounting. (One fixture per style in a color of your choice, please call to arrange your sample fixtures)

Commino Series


iDzyn is a TouchStone created design software. iDzyn was created to give our customers a visual of how their landscape lighting before installation. These services are available to those who have committed to purchasing TouchStone products. We require $100 deposit for this service, that will be applied to your TouchStone lighting purchase. If you decide to not use TouchStone products the fee is nonrefundable.



There are three types of iDzyn layout options.

  • PHOTOS- We are able to create an iDzyn plan from a series of color photos showing what your actual home would look like with lighting.  This gives the homeowner a visual of what their actual home will look like after installation.



  • BLUEPRINT- No home or landscaping yet? No problem! We can create an iDzyn plan on a blueprint. This will allow your customer to move forward with their ideas without needing a picture to work from.




  • DIGITAL SOFTWARE- Some landscape designers now have use imaging digital software to create a visual of your future landscaping. We can add our lights into those images as well.

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