Contemporary LOO Lights Bring Regal Appeal to a Manicured Landscape

Ready to add the magic of landscape lighting to your outdoor space? Whether you love to entertain, you’re looking to build equity in your property, or you want to enhance architectural and landscaping features, professional-grade landscape lighting makes a world of difference.

How can modern lighting transform the visual and functional appeal of your outdoor spaces? Modern light fixtures take things up another notch, bringing stately flair to your landscape alongside precision illumination. Let’s explore the appeal of modern fixtures and look at why TouchStone LOO lighting is a premium option for homeowners seeking high-end aesthetics.

What Do Modern Light Fixtures do for a Landscape?

Modern light fixtures do a lot more than simply cast a glow on plants, patios and walkways. When installed professionally, they provide homeowners with the following benefits:

  • Elevate curb appeal:While well-maintained landscaping and quality hardscaping can enhance the style and sophistication of any home, modern landscape lighting helps these features truly shine. Increase the potential of your yard and outdoor entertaining space with carefully chosen lighting that makes a statement.
  • Enhance safety and security:Evenings are primetime for outdoor entertainment. Investing in quality landscape light fixtures helps you fully enjoy your outdoor space, keeping pathways and stairs well-lit, while helping to define doorways and exits for your guests. When you’re not home, outdoor lighting adds an extra layer of protection, improving security without sacrificing style.
  • Improved home value:Professional-grade landscape lighting adds tangible value to any property. When installed the right way, quality landscape lighting highlights your home’s exterior architecture and creates unique experiences for visitors who come to your property, especially visitors interested in buying it. There are few investments that can get you a near dollar-for-dollar ROI, but modern landscape lighting sure comes close.

The Regal Appeal Modern LOO Lighting

Interested in adding a touch of modern elegance to the exterior of your home? TouchStone Lights’ LOO Series is the perfect choice. Featuring a slim and sleek design and a range of finishes to match your home’s exterior, these beautifully simple, resilient-crafted lights retain their beauty and functionality for years to come.

LOO lighting is manufactured in the USA, so you can feel confident that your investment is built to last. There’s also a lifetime housing warranty for your peace of mind. With landscape lighting, as with any other home improvement, you get what you pay for. It always pays to invest in quality.

Next-Level Contemporary Landscape Lighting

What makes LOO lights different from out-of-the-box options you can get at retail stores? The differences go beyond just aesthetics.

Superior components and construction make a world of difference when it comes to landscape lighting, and LOO lights are made to high standards with stainless steel and aluminum components that can withstand the elements of nature. From scorching temperatures to freezing precipitation, LOO lights will look great and function beautifully from season to season. Here’s what each LOO light promises:

  • 12-volt AC/DC
  • Interchangeable 2-watt ceramic LED
  • Clear Poly lens
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • 7″ SuperStake
  • 6063 aluminum housing
  • Aluminum end cap, coupler block and riser
  • Casts Up to a 12-foot diameter of light
  • Sealed lens housing
  • Optional end glow end cap
  • 36″, 18/2 SPT fixture leads
  • Accepts 1/2″ NPT hardware
  • Made in the USA

Professional Installation is Essential

Investing in professional installation gives you added confidence that the TouchStone LOO lighting you’ve chosen will last as long as you live in your home. Should you move on in the future, expertly installed landscape lighting is a value-adding selling feature that sets your property apart from the rest.

Relying on a professional’s touch also provides some unexpected benefits. Should any adjustments need to be made to your system, all it takes is a simple phone call for quick and reliable service. If you install a DIY out-of-the-box landscape lighting solution, it’s up to you to handle any maintenance concerns—and there will be many. Instead, invest in quality lighting and quality installation, to take advantage of modern lights with regal appeal, and all the benefits that come with a professional touch.

Experience Superior Landscape Appeal

Professional-grade landscape lighting is a home upgrade that provides instant results. In terms of improving both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space, as well as increasing your home’s overall value, there’s really no other exterior update that comes close.

Homeowners interested in getting the most bang for their buck would do well to look closely at the LOO series of landscape lights and the other quality options that TouchStone Lights has to offer. With superior construction, incredible design and guaranteed reliability, these exterior lighting options are a smart investment that you’ll appreciate—and neighbors will envy.