Maxwell Outdoor Landscape Fixture

This is the Maxwell fixture here and instead of being a garden fixture, I would say this is a landscape fixture. What is different between a landscape fixture and garden fixture? Is the orientation of the LED.

The LED on these here are going to be mounted in here vertically so it’s going to be more of an outward positioning of the light here and because it’s going to be out in the grassy area or out in the middle of nowhere.

We try to keep the fixture, more low, low profile, so it’s not going to be as conspicuous. You can use the Maxwell in a taller version in your landscape, but the light is going to be more outward. It’s not going to add as much color into your landscape as say the Coppertino fixture that we talked about earlier.

This here is going to be more used, like you’re seeing here, more open areas that are not going to have lots of vegetation or plant materials around it. This is showing again in a copper, but you can also get this in a rust steel, we went with the copper just of because how it’s going to blend in with the external surroundings.

The rust steel would be used if you have more red tones in your landscape, so that is why we went with the copper. Copper does turn in time, this fixture here is 4-years-old right now, so you can see in that amount of time what it’s turned like here. It will with time get more of this green patina finish on it, but it does take time.

They are available in either the copper or the rust steel and if you had more red mulch in your landscape or red brick house, then you might want to opt for the rust steel fixture just because it’s going to blend in more with that type of surrounding.

The Maxwell fixture is proprietary just to us, this is not something that you can get at the big box store or lighting showrooms. This is only available through our certified and trained illuminologists or Touchstone Accent Lighting.

Inconspicuous during the day, indirect and incredible at night.