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Will low voltage outdoor lighting increase the value of my property?

Yes! Low voltage outdoor lighting has about a 50% ROI on home value—meaning if you spend $5,000 on custom lighting, you can expect your property value to go up about $2,500. This ROI makes low voltage lighting one of the simplest and most effective ways to raise property value (and appeal)!

What kind of maintenance does outdoor lighting need?

When installed by a professional, outdoor lighting requires minimal maintenance. In the event an LED fails, it’s an easy part to replace. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of trimming shrubs and bushes back from around lighting. Other than basic upkeep like this, your lights will continue to work for the long-haul!

How many outdoor lights do I need?

It depends on your property size, what you’re lighting and what type of lighting you need. There is no set number of light fixtures needed for a property. For example, you’ll need more lights if you want to light individual features, as opposed to flood lighting or spotlighting sections of your property. It’s best to consult with a professional.

How do I control outdoor lighting?

Lighting can be programmed in many different ways. Some people prefer the convenience of controls that allow them to turn individual lights or circuits on. Others want the peace of mind that comes with automation—lights that automatically turn on or off depending on the time of day. Your options are limitless! The most popular is the astronomical timer, which adjusts your lights to sunrise and sunset all year round.

Can I program outdoor lighting with smart home devices?

Absolutely. There are a wide range of smart lighting products and controllers on the market today that make it easy to integrate your low-voltage lighting with voice assistants, control hubs and even your phone. There are opportunities to customize controls, create voice triggers and much more. Ask your professional installer about reputable smart home lighting products.

Why pay for professional outdoor lighting vs. DIY store lights?

When you pay for professional lighting, you’re getting a higher-caliber product, as well as the expertise that goes into lighting placement and installation. Most off-the-shelf products can’t stand up to the elements for years and years, and they’re often not hardwired products. When you pay for professional-caliber lighting, you’re getting a quality product, expert installation and customized design. DIY store lights are made from inferior materials and product designs, which can fail prematurely and cost you even more money to replace with better-quality lighting.

How much does it cost to light my landscape?

It depends on how comprehensive your lighting plan is. The more fixtures, the higher the cost. Some types of fixtures also cost more to install, such as dock or water lighting. At TouchStone Lights, we’ve priced out basic packages to make it easy for homeowners to understand rough costs for professional landscape and low voltage outdoor lighting.

How much energy does outdoor lighting use?

Most outdoor landscape lighting setups cost next to nothing month-over-month. Depending on where you live in the country and the cost of energy (kilowatt hours), it’s reasonable to expect a cost of about $2 per month (or less).

How long does outdoor lighting take to install?

Depending on the scope of your outdoor lighting project, usually between one and three days. Some jobs can take longer if they involve larger properties or more complex installations. Your installation expert will provide an estimate and a timeline before the project starts, so you have an idea of roughly how long it’ll take.

What if I want to add more outdoor lights later?

It’s easy to expand on existing landscape lighting! In some cases, it means adding a new circuit to accommodate a different type of lighting. In other situations, new lights can branch off of your current scheme to easily tie into the outdoor lighting system you already have controls for. Chat with a professional about your needs and the best way to augment your existing low voltage system.

What types of lightbulbs do outdoor lights use?

Most modern outdoor lighting systems use LED bulbs. LED bulbs last for years and years without needing replacement, and are easy to control if you need to adjust output. They’re extremely energy efficient and fit perfectly into a low voltage system. While there are other options like halogen and xenon bulbs, they simply don’t stand up to the benefits and longevity of LED bulbs.

Are outdoor lights weatherproof and waterproof?

Professional-grade outdoor lighting is UL listed to be weather- and water-proof. It’s designed to stand up to all four seasons and whatever they may bring with them: snow, rain, wind, sleet, hail, intense sunlight and more. When installed by a professional, your landscape lighting will weather all elements, to keep your home well-lit all year round.

Will outdoor lighting installation ruin my landscaping?

Not at all! We use minimally invasive landscape lighting installation techniques to make sure your landscape is generally undisturbed by new lighting. Our experienced installers take care to disrupt as little of your landscape as possible, and they’ll restore everything back to a like-new condition after they’re done. The only difference will be your new lighting!

What are the benefits of professional outdoor lighting?

There are so many benefits to professional outdoor lighting! For starters, it instantly improves the curb appeal of your home by illuminating the unique features of your property. It also adds an element of safety and security—so you can see where you’re going after dark and keep trespassers away from your property. Best of all, functional outdoor lighting provides utility for your landscape, so you can enjoy it even more after dark.

In addition, you’ll also get correct and consistent color temps, alongside correct beams and wattage. Proper fixture placement and adjustments—backed by professionally wired connections—offers ultimate reliability, year after year.

Garden & Walkway Summary

Updated gardens and walkways with plants, rocks, water features and ornaments may be stunning by day, but nearly invisible by night. Custom landscape lighting that is tailored to your project can enhance your current features while creating greater ambiance and safety in your garden landscape and along walkways and paths.

With landscape lighting ideas and lighting systems, TouchStone Accent Lighting boasts more than 25 years’ experience in crafting outdoor lighting solutions for all dimensions and budgets while helping our clients illuminate their landscaping. From shrub lighting to statue lighting, we can customize a garden lighting solution for flower gardens of leafy ground cover as well as a design concept that will work as your garden continues to bloom and grow into the future. TouchStone can also craft an outdoor lighting plan for curvy, straight, flat and steep walkways, sidewalks or driveways to take advantage of your current landscape.

LED lighting for gardens and walkways is ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Energy-efficient and affordable, LED lights also offer smaller size and a longer lifetime as well as excellent durability for landscape lighting projects.

Our illuminologists are experts at developing garden and walkway lighting plans based on your preferred style, color and budget. TouchStone Accent Lighting provides consultation, ongoing maintenance and creative options to enhance and brighten your outdoor spaces with accent lighting and security lighting.

Landscape Tree Lighting: The Best Options for Lighting Your Trees and Shrubs

Whether you have a few statement trees dotting your home or business landscaping or more of a wild forest in your backyard, landscape tree lighting can make the most of your trees and shrubs.

With targeted tree lighting, you can highlight natural beauty, enhance safety and make your landscaping shine. A lighting designer can help you add value and visual interest through a landscape tree lighting plan that takes advantage of techniques such as tree uplighting, floodlights, spotlights and accent lights.

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