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TouchStone has been experts in wired landscape lighting for over three decades and we firmly believe that solar lighting can be an essential part of allowing anyone and everyone enjoy landscape lighting. It can provide the perfect solution if a wired lighting setup isn’t the best fit for your space, due to terrain or lack of power, solar landscape lighting might be an ideal alternative. Learn more about where it works best and discover our favorite products. We’ve created the greatest solar lighting options out there so you can find your perfect match!


Why would you use solar?

Solar landscape lighting has it’s advantages compared to traditional wired lights due to its convenience in certain scenarios. Harsh terrain and lack of electricity are some of the most common reasons for substituting wired lights with solar. It’s also a great way to utilize renewable sources of energy.


The lay of your land is a key determining factor in how well you can achieve landscape lighting. If your yard is mainly composed of gravel or rocks, it might be more difficult to make this happen. Solar lighting can cut your work load significantly and free up a lot of resources. It only requires minimal rock clearing for each fixture, thus reducing installation times & material requirements.


If you don’t stay in one place or don’t have access to constant power, temporary lighting options are essential. This can include homes, cabins, vacation rentals, RVs, and camper trailers..If you’re RVing, travelling with a tent, or staying in a seasonal cabin, solar lighting is the perfect way to light up your area. Not only are solar-powered lights convenient, as they don’t require electricity, but they can also be used for a variety of tasks.


Even if you don’t have a special purpose for doing so, you can still install solar landscape lighting to your home and increase its attractiveness & curb appeal. Making the switch to solar is taking a great step towards protecting the environment – and it doesn’t take any extra effort from you! Low-voltage landscape lighting, with LED as its primary light source, is already quite energy efficient. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save a little bit more energy with solar.

So what to choose?

With so many varieties of solar lighting available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your landscaping project. Here at TouchStone, we can advise you on the suitable options and help you select the ideal set of lights for your home. Fill in our consultation form and a lighting specialist will offer their free advice on the best places and types of lighting to use. It doesn’t cost anything and can give your home or business a fantastic look.

what fixtures do we recommend?

With 30 years in the lighting industry, TouchStone Accent Lighting truly understands landscape lighting. We have tried various solar lights available on the market but found them inadequate for our needs. Hence, we decided to not settle for any options and create something that can be of higher quality..

For the last 5 years we have been manufacturing the highest quality solar lighting on the market. We have mastered the solar light by taking every part of our wired lighting (minus the wire) and put it into a solar light that out performs the competitors by a landslide. SunTino offers an elite line of Solar Lighting unlike anything on the market. With POWERFUL long lasting light, customizable options, and a light for every application.

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