Solar Canopy Lights



Canopy Solar Security Series – ACRP5 Canopy and Carport Lighting

Canopy Solar Security Series lights are motion-activated, solar-powered LED security and safety lighting for boat lift canopies, boat houses, and carports. These lights provide light to areas that are remote as well if your property doesn’t have access to electrical systems. This light is ideal and provides bright reliable lighting, one 6 hour charge provides 80 bursts of light at 2 minute increments on timer that cycle then automatically shuts off.

Canopy Solar Security Features

  • Rain-proof, IP 65
  • Beautiful White Finish
  • High capacity, long life 7.4v lithium battery
  • 5w Crystalline silicon solar panel
  • 12 ft. panel cable harness
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Push button on/off switch
  • Dusk activation, 16ft. motion detection
  • 350 lumens-12o degree beam spread
  • 3-year warranty

Dimensions¬† Panel-6″ x 8″, Powerhead-10″W x 14″L x 2″D

This light is different from our Solar Security series because the solar panel and the lighting unit are separate pieces, connected with a 20-foot cord. That allows you to place the solar panel in a sunny area and have the lights in a less lit or dark area. There is the automatic sensor on this unit similar to the Solar Security series. The light stays on a full 2 minutes, so slightly longer than with that series.