The Outdoor Lighting Experts in Minnetonka

Adding some architectural landscape lighting outside of your home is a great way to give it an entirely new look. The products at Touchstone Accent Lighting provide in-direct lighting in your yard, so they will not bother your neighbors while providing over 50,000 hours of light. We have a number of Illuminologists standing by ready to serve the Minnetonka area who will provide you with all the information that you need on our outstanding range of products.

Energy Efficient

All of our LED landscaping lights are very efficient, as once they are installed they should last for between 15 to 20 years. They also consume about 90 percent less energy than traditional outdoor lighting, so you will end up saving money over time by making this installation. Of course, if you go with a solar powered landscape light, your outdoor home lighting energy costs will go down to zero because they get all of their energy from the sun.

Overnight Lighting

Another aspect that you are sure to love about our solar outdoor accent lighting is that it provides up to 18 hours of continuous light, as long as it gets enough sunlight during the day. This means that you can expect to have our solar landscape lighting illuminate your yard all night, making it perfect for those nights where you do not want to go to bed.

Product Support

If you are unsure about which style of outdoor lighting design would work in your yard, call us at 1-888-475-2112. We have experts available to visit your Minnetonka home and come up with the perfect outdoor low voltage lighting solution for your yard. Our professional landscape lighting professionals can even install your garden lights for you, which ensures that you maximize the potential of your property.

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