Creating a Functional Outdoor Space in Bloomington

Here at Touchstone — we love Bloomington. We consider you neighbors as your suburb is less than an hour from our home office in Long Lake. That means we’re manufacturing the latest LED technologies just minutes away and you are in the minority of our customers with the convenience of being able to visit our factory lighting lab.

If you aren’t from Bloomington and just visiting. The city has a magnificent website.

Our Lab

This lab is where we train new illuminologists, test new products, offer demonstrations and education to make all the best in-direct outdoor lighting systems.


You’ll be able to work with one of our factory trained local illuminologists to create the ideal customized lighting design. We’ll work with you creating a low voltage plan which will make you smile when the electric bill arrives, or we can even consider a full solar plan. Having a local illuminologist will delight you with a smooth, easy installation process and easy access to the full line of Touchstone products.

Bloomington Speaker SystemSpeaker System

You may want to consider our outdoor speaker system. It allows you to maximize your outdoor space throughout our short summer and the cooler evening time as well.

This process will also increase the over all value of your home and add another feature to the real estate listing when you go to sell you are changing homes. Consider getting a consultation today, ask any questions you may have with the form below and an illuminologist will get back to you with more information.

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