Luxury Residential Lighting

Everyone recognizes luxury residential lighting design when they see it. It’s that stunning glow that makes a house – no matter how simple or grand – look more inviting and more interesting. Custom residential lighting today can take advantage of smart technology, fresh lighting fixtures and personal preferences to light up your home sweet home.

From a beautiful outdoor kitchen oasis to a packed swimming pool to an intricate garden, residential outdoor lighting can invite the eye – and the neighbors. The best in residential lighting today combines function and security with visual appeal and interest.

Outdoor lights can turn your home into a castle

Your landscape lighting can enhance seamless flow between your deck and your yard while adding warmth and beauty. Fortunately, the options for luxury residential lights today are limitless: You can highlight your fences, gardens, statues, pools, outdoor kitchens, walkways and more, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic between the indoors and outdoors.

Before you update or redo your outdoor lighting, view other successful projects of a similar style and scale, brainstorm your design goals, and determine if you want a particular lighting scheme, style of outdoor light fixtures or any special effects. A lighting designer can also help you turn your initial ideas into well-lit reality.

Smart lighting combines safety with artistry

High-end outdoor lighting fixtures can add flair and value to your home. As you plan your next luxe residential lighting project, it will pay to keep the following in mind:

  • LEDs and solar lights can save you time, money and energy by offering the right combination of efficiency and ease. If you have not already made the switch to an energy-efficient outdoor lighting option, your lighting remodel offers the perfect opportunity to swap out old bulbs for better and more modern alternatives. They will look and perform better for you.
  • Motion-sensor lights take advantage of the latest technology to turn on only when needed, providing both enhanced safety and a longer life span. Even better, attractive designs abound.
  • Smart outdoor lighting today also includes dimmers, lights that change color, special lighting effects and more. Ask your lighting designer about new trends in technology and design.

Bringing together the latest in lighting technology and smart lights with aesthetic design will offer a high-end and high-performance look for your outdoor landscape lighting.

How to add that special sparkle

“Luxury” can mean something slightly different to everyone. Your goal is to integrate your sense of style and extravagance into your outdoor lighting design. The following tips can help you add a little more sparkle and shine to your custom landscape lighting project:

  • Consider special finishes. From crystal to gold leaf, fine finishes and materials you select can add up to an impressive result. You do not have to use luxe materials for everything; rather, they can be layered in to create a more affordable look of opulence.
  • Focus on your favorite outdoor spaces. If you use your pool year-round, it is worthwhile to invest in some spectacular pool and deck lights that draw attention and bolster safety. If your gardens are a showpiece, highlight your pathways, statues, water features and the gardens themselves. You can do a wholesale lighting update or focus on one area at a time.
  • Integrate one or two signature pieces. Perhaps you have a custom lighting design plan that focuses on your home’s entryway or outdoor art, or perhaps you would like to add the first initial of your last name into wall sconces. Let your imagination take over as you customize lighting to suit your lifestyle.
  • Update your outdoor lighting seasonally. Depending on the season and amount of daylight, you may wish to regularly update your outdoor lighting. You can highlight new trends, celebrate your favorite holidays and ensure that your lights are bright enough (but not too bright) to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Ensure the rest of your home balances out the look. Lighting is a key component to any home exterior makeover, but it should not be the only factor. Updating the landscaping itself, painting a fresh coat on your house or re-paving the driveway, for instance, can bring your whole aesthetic together in one gorgeous package.

The small, special touches in lighting design can make a big impression: Pay attention to the details when developing your custom outdoor lighting plan to create that special sparkle.

Custom residential lighting that doesn’t break the bank

As with any design project, you can spend as much as you want when it comes to residential lighting design. However, a great lighting designer can help you create a luxury look without an exorbitant price tag. Lighting professionals know how to mix styles and effects to create the look of luxury, no matter what your budget or timeline. While you can DIY your home lighting project, it typically pays to consult with an expert when it comes to cultivating a custom look that will turn heads. In addition, a designer can ensure that your indoor and outdoor lighting blend well to extend your home.

Likewise, ongoing updates and maintenance will ensure your look continues throughout the seasons. Regular cleaning and treating of your outdoor light fixtures will maintain both their beauty and longevity. These simple actions do not require a high investment of time or money and they can keep your outdoor lights looking beautiful and functioning well throughout the year.

The best in residential lighting combines timeliness techniques with the latest technology

Luxury residential lighting can ensure that you don’t get stuck in the dark next time you are planning an outdoor event or updating your landscape lighting to create a warmer glow. You can create impact and set the mood with the finest outdoor lighting. Ultimately, luxury lighting should combine your aesthetic with timeliness lighting solutions and modern technology.

You can create style, scale and sparkle with unique lighting fixtures and finishes that make your luxury residential lighting project shine. Almost every outdoor lighting design can feel luxurious when it’s done well from start to finish.