Sonnarray Speaker System



Sonarray Outdoor Speaker System by Sonance

Go beyond the limits of your existing home theater system with premium-quality sound in your backyard. As the industry leader in in-wall speakers, Sonance applies its expertise outside to bring you the Sonarray SR1 Outdoor Speaker System. Sonarray SR1 is a complete outdoor audio system that delivers amazing sound and perfectly even volume levels to your yard and patio.

Each of the eight satellite speakers contain a 3.5-inch anodized aluminum cone within a noncorrosive, sealed enclosure designed to blend in with your yard’s landscaping. The below-ground, 8-inch dual voice-coil subwoofer easily disappears under low-lying foliage. Directional speakers contain the sounds within your own yard, minimizing disturbances to your neighbors. The system provides a clear and balanced sound with even volume control and no dead spots.

The satellite speakers are constructed from earth-toned composite materials that won’t corrode or flake and are easily camouflaged among existing plants. The subwoofer is buried underground with a small canopy exposed, which is also easily camouflaged under plants. Once installed, the system is completely out of sight, giving the illusion that sound is radiating from the plants around you.

The SR 2-125 DSP Amplifier is the perfect complement to the Sonarray SR1 system. The 125-watt stereo amplifier contains 20 DSP presets that allow your system to be tuned perfectly for your space.

Whether you have hardscape or softscape, the amplifier presets will optimize the best sound and performance. It includes multiple inputs to allow you to use several sources and streaming music devices.

The Sonarray SR1 system uses simple wiring configurations to make installation easy. A pair of stereo speaker cables are connected to eight satellite speakers, alternating between left and right. The subwoofer is connected to both pairs and the cables are then connected to a standard AV receiver or amplifier.

• Eight satellite speakers and one subwoofer system
• Even coverage of high-quality sound up to 2,000 square feet
• Satellite speakers camouflage among landscaping and plants
• Runs off a standard two-channel power amplifier or stereo receiver
• Daisy chain wiring configuration for simple installation with 14-gauge, four-conductor wire
• Designed to handle extreme conditions for year-round use
• Three-year warranty

Provide superior outdoor audio for your entertainment needs at a price you can afford.