Ground Tech

Ground tech built and founded by three brothers with a dream, each having their own “niche” in life the collaborated and made a company based off honesty and quality. With one on board with 15 years’ experience in the landscaping industry, one with sales and one who knows how to keep everything running smoothly on the technology end of things. Ground tech believes in telling their customers how it is, from the start. They are honest about their prices and the reasoning behind the costs, rather than skimping out in some areas, they hold their expectations on quality through everything they do. They believe in “bidding the true cost of doing the job well. And yes, you may pay fifteen percent more on the front end, but you will save a great deal over the long run.”  Ground tech does everything from the ground up they do landscaping, demolition, septic systems, excavating, snow services and erosion control. Ground Tech has been known to think outside the box as well, doing some special projects they even happen to be the preferred contractor for warrior dash in the twin cities! Located in Hugo, MN Ground tech was the perfect pair up for touchstone lighting!

Ground Tech Inc.

2066 1ST ST N
N. ST PAUL, MN 55109
Phone: (651) 964-0006