Options to Improve Your Landscaping Lighting

The right landscape lighting can brighten the world around you – illuminating walkways for safety and gardens for beauty, turning patios into 24/7 spaces and driveways into sports courts. Outdoor lighting for homes and businesses is both energy-efficient and attractive.

When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting today, the options are vast: Home and business owners can choose from a variety of outdoor lighting techniques and outdoor lighting fixtures to create the perfect look and feel for decks, steps, pools, statues and more.

If you are considering a landscape lighting project, you can take a look at the following outdoor lighting options:

Garden and Walkway Lighting

To light up walkways and paths, gardens and water features, it is important to balance security lighting to prevent trips and falls with the right outdoor living lighting to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces. Great options for these outdoor areas include: Garden and Pathway landscape lights, flood lighting, water lighting, solar pathway and flood lighting and more to take advantage of your favorite techniques and to highlight your favorite garden and walkway features. With more options than ever for garden and path lighting, many easy-to-install lighting kits now include energy-efficient lighting techniques to reduce energy consumption and utility bills. You can take a step in the right direction for creative landscape lighting for walkways and paths, gardens and fountains!

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Flood Lighting

When you think of flood lights, you might imagine being blinded by the biggest, brightest light in the world. While flood lighting does offer intensity and scope, newer options in outdoor flood lighting can provide gentle illumination on a subtler scale. Flood lights are great for covering larger areas at commercial properties or have a more direct lighting on your trees , yard art or the beautiful architecture of your home. Further,  outdoor lighting fixtures are now designed for LEDs to deliver value and efficiency, which means your outdoor lighting fixtures will last longer. Uplights – light that is focused upwards – and downlights – light focused downwards – can highlight architectural features, enhance outdoor safety and create a welcoming scene to your home or business.

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Hardscape Lighting

This category essentially covers everything from decks and patios to driveways, from outdoor fireplaces to retaining walls, and from fences to fountains, and is an important component in effective outdoor lighting design. Hardscape lighting offers another way to extend your indoor living or working space out. Intensity of light is a key consideration with outdoor landscape lighting – ultimately, what you use the spaces for will determine how bright your outdoor lights should be and where they should be placed and angled. Hardscape lighting options include solar and LED as well as a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures, finishes, colors and styles.

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Outdoor Living Lighting

If you love spending as much time as possible outdoors, a focus on outdoor living lighting can make it even easier to enjoy your yard, deck, pool and more. Outdoor kitchen lighting, for example, allows for around-the-clock grilling, dining, entertaining and relaxing – you can mix brighter lights for cooking with accent lights around seating and dining areas. Lights can also be added to pergolas or outdoor coverings to add a natural glow to your deck or porch. For increased energy efficiency and cost savings, LED lights will deliver on durability and affordability (and they don’t attract bugs!) and low-voltage lighting offers a moderate level of illumination that is ideal for outdoor living spaces.

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Water Lighting

This category of landscape lighting can cover everything from a fountain in your backyard garden to underwater lighting for ponds and docks. Outdoor water lighting options can enhance safety and create a “wow” effect at the same time. You might, for example, use an AlleyCat system to brighten up your dock for evening boat rides while adding solar lights for a softer effect. When it comes to pools, your outdoor lighting plan should cover the pool itself as well as the pool deck and pool cover as well as any landscaping close to the pool. Pool lighting design will incorporate underwater lights for safety as well as fun options such as color-changing lights for entertainment. Finally, pond lights can illuminate these outdoor water features year-round with accent lighting techniques.

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Dock Lighting

Expanding on outdoor water lighting, dock lighting specifically focuses on keeping dock and boat areas safe and well-lit. Solar-powered dock lights can withstand the elements while supplying energy efficiency and function. You can light your dock from below and from above to ensure easy movement in and out, no matter what time of day.

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Solar Lighting

Today’s solar lights are both high performance and high quality. Outdoor solar lighting is now brighter than ever with more options for highlighting your gardens, patios, fences, driveways, walkways and more. This versatile landscape lighting option will help you save on energy costs for your home or business while bolstering safety and ambiance. Solar lighting kits should also include solar panels, cabling and batteries for easy installation. If you haven’t looked at outdoor solar lights in a few years, you might be amazed at how far this category has come.

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Commercial Lighting

Businesses today want to offer safety and security for employees, customers and visitors while designing an attractive first impression. Outdoor commercial lighting can incorporate motion sensors, task lighting, LED outdoor lighting and recessed lighting to balance safety and interest. Commercial landscape lighting can help your business eliminate shadows, showcase paths and fountains, highlight outdoor eating and visiting areas, and more. In addition, LED outdoor lighting can make a big difference for businesses looking to reduce energy consumption and overall maintenance.

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Customized landscape lighting can be easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to update. Landscape lighting gives home and business owners the chance to increase safety while allowing their favorite outdoor spaces to shine. Even better, outdoor lighting can be done on a budget and personalized to each home or business.

TouchStone Accent Lighting provides consultation, maintenance and creative options to brighten your outdoor spaces. Contact a lighting specialist today for a free consultation to learn more about the best lighting ideas for your landscaping.