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Hardscape Well

Hardscape Well Series – HS240 Encapsulated Uplighting

The hardscape well series fixture allows for a variety of wall washing home architecture, uplighting trees, walkways, driveways, and sculptures. It also allows varied hardscape lighting effects.You can select from 3 different shaped front covers to provide the best lighting solution for your individual need.

  • Flat -You’ll want to choose the flat front if you are installing in a location that has no traffic to light something above the fixture.
  • Louvered -You’ll want to choose louvered where there is traffic, so you can drive over the fixture. It will act as a visor to it doesn’t draw attention to the source of the light.
  • Domed – You’ll want to use the domed shape when the light is being used as a marker light to guide the way along a driveway or similar.

The Hardscape Well Series features a removable fixture with hardscape mounting kit. Interchangeable LED’s bulbs for maximum nighttime effects and design flexibility.

Bulbs not included with this fixture, because there are so many options. Select a bulb here.

Hardscape Well Features:

  • 12 volt AC/DC
  • Raw brass housing
  • Stainless-steel fasteners
  • Hardscape mounting kit
  • 25″ fixture leads
  • Glass lens
  • Flat, Domed, and Louvered front options
  • Silicon gaskets
  • GX5.3 bi-pin porcelain lamp socket
  • Rubber expansion ring collar
  • ETL listed

ETL LogoDimensions: 4 1/2 inches outside diameter x 9 inches tall

Warranty: Limited housing warranty

Applications: Submersible Lighting | Up Lighting | Architectural Lighting

Additional information

Fixture Color:

Red Rock, Mock Rock, Blue Stone, Sandstone, BronzeTex


Flat Front, Domed Front, Louvered Front



Bulb Wattage

3 Watt, 5 Watt, 7 Watt


Hardscape 240 Series Instructions

Specification Sheet