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A landscape lighting logo featuring a yellow and black design against a black background.


The suntino solarlights logo for outdoor lighting.

TouchStone Accent Lighting knows what it takes to succeed designing and installing landscape lighting.

Why? Because we offer our products only through landscape contractors, gardens centers and electrical contractors.  Small businesses that work with people and customers that appreciate nice landscaping and the outdoors is our specialty.

What does that mean to you, the lighting contractor? It means that TouchStone has the experience to help you succeed with making lighting a successful part of your business.  Simply put, with over  6,500 installations to our credit, we know what works. We have our hands in the ground everyday designing, installing and servicing our low voltage lighting systems. Experience with landscape lighting design gained over the last 27 years has taught us that simplicity and quality in unique fixtures, coupled with know-how, will insure an exceptional outcome.

We provide free classes in our “Art of Illuminology” product training and proprietary eDesign software products.   We teach design and installation techniques and even support you with marketing and selling strategies – right down to helping you with the project design and preparing the proposal for your customer.

We have provide wholesale outdoor lighting to garden centers and nurseries to expand their products and services, and we have helped companies that specialize in landscaping, irrigation, hardscapes, pools and water features expand their customer base by offering outdoor lighting.

If you would like more information on our products or training, or would just like to have a conversation with a TouchStone representative, contact us at dealerinfo@touchstonelights.com or 888-475-2112.