12 Volt DC FlexNFlat LED Reels


FlexinFlat Outdoor LED strips



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FlexNFlat LED Reels – Great for Commercial Applications

Perhaps the most flexible and versatile of all our lighting options, the FlexinFlat series provides illumination in areas otherwise nearly impossible to place a fixture. The strips are completely flexible, making them perfect for under and inside cabinets, along stairways, and in other places where reliable illumination is important. The indoor-rated strips are available in three wattages, and are available in 2-foot, 4-foot, 8-foot lengths, or by the reel (16.5 feet). Each section includes a pigtail, and the strips can be cut to a desired length.

These cool-running strip lights come with an adhesive backing to make installation simple. These LED strips offer a versatile, safe, and cost-effective option for those difficult-to-light areas. Best of all, both the indoor-rated and outdoor-rated FlexinFlat LED strips are environmentally friendly and free of harmful mercury. The cool operating temperatures make them safe for installation in a variety of settings. Like the indoor-rated strips, the outdoor-rated strips may be cut to the desired length, and come in varying lengths and wattages to suit your specific need. These excellent, high-quality strips are durable and designed to last.

The number of applications for the FlexinFlat LED lighting strips are nearly limitless. Discrete, simple to install, and surprisingly powerful, these strips are a good choice for any place you need a little extra light but don’t have a lot of space to mount fixtures. With the adhesive-backed mounting, there’s no need for screws or other hardware. A 12-volt driver is required, sold separately. Find them here-> FlexinFlat Drivers.


  • 12-volt DC, requires driver-sold separately
  • Available in three different wattages
  • Sold by the reel (16.5 feet), but can be cut 2 foot, 4 foot, or 8 foot
  • Each section includes 8” pigtail
  • Adhesive backing
  • Can be cut to desired length
  • Minimal heat dissipation
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Saves up to 90% on electricity
  • Environmentally friendly, no mercury
  • 2,700-3,200 Kelvin, warm white
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Operating temp. -20C – + 40C
  • Cool to the touch


Additional information

LED Strips

1.47 watts per foot Outdoor Rated, 4.43 watt per foot Color Changing Outdoor Rated, 4.43 watts per foot Indoor Rated

FlexinFlat LED strips

16.5 foot reel, 2 foot, 4 foot, 8 foot


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