Chain Link Fence and Perimeter Lighting.

For better secuirty for our children, our pets and our homes.

Chain Link and Perimeter Lighting.

Lighting up your outdoor spaces around the perimeter can create a sense of security that cannot be matched. In many residential setting, enclosed backyards are the ideal situation, whether it’s for your pets, your children or to keep wildlife or other unwanted things or people out.  Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing to install and will a little light added you bring your average chain link fence to an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Where is chain link lighting helpful?

There are many places that chain link fence lighting can be used, and it’s certainly not limited to our homes. Here is a list of places the chain link lighting can be used.

  • Dog Kennels
  • Outdoor Dining areas
  • Event fencing (temporary and permanent)
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Cemetaries
  • Senoir living developments
  • Warehouses or Self storage areas
  • Stadiums or school campuses
  • Hospitality properties
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Parks
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Dog Parks
  • Ball parks

In short, this lighting can be used in many areas, wherever you would need lighting around a permiter .

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Chain Link

Specifially designed to pair with chain link fencing. With a 2″ radius bracket for easy mounting on the tubular poles. Casts up to a 10′ radius of light.

Other fencing

No chain link fence? No worries our Post|Pipe fixture can mount to virtually anything! We can also color match to your current fencing/ decking.

Why stop there?

If you are looking for something a little more dramatic for your home, lets light up the whole yard!


Here you can find answers to Frequently asked questions.

What can I put these lights on?

You can use the post and pipe anywhere there is a 2inch space to mount to. 

How many Watts per light?

These lights are paired with a 1 watt COB LED.

What are my color options?

We carry 7 earth tone colors; mockrock, redrock, bronzetexture, bluestone, sandstone, blacktexture and oil rubbed bronze. 

Is installation difficult?

We have trained installers able to get these lights installed same day! Depnding on the amount of lights, there shouldnt be a problem.

How do I buy them?

You can purchase them right here on our webiste for your contractor to install them, or contact us to get everything done for you!

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